Guided Meditation Self Love – Raising Your Self-Esteem

Guided meditation self love tracks are highly beneficial for anyone with low self-esteem, low self-confidence, poor self-image and a host of other such issues. If you or anyone you know has these types of issues then taking time to meditate, release and build yourself up again can be incredibly powerful. Through taking time with these tracks on a regular basis you can change you life in a very beautiful way, enabling your mind to transition to a point where you can feel valuable to the world and lovable too, all in addition to the other amazing benefits of meditating.

Currently Available Tracks

Self Love Meditation Guided By Stephen Frost

The Self Love Meditation – Developed and recorded by meditation master Stephen Frost this guided meditation helps you to gently and smoothly cleanse away issues that were holding you back from being the amazing person that you are. As you flow through the journey, carried along by the guidance, soothing melodies and Solfeggio frequencies that work on your mind and soul in a way that enables faster change within your heart and mind. For those who wish it there is also the option for Theta brainwave entrainment, something which can help you get into an even deeper state, especially if you are new to meditating. 30 minutes 18 seconds. $20.

Self Love Meditation Guided By Stephen Frost with Optional Theta Wave Music
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How To Best Use Guided Meditations For Improving Self Love

Guided Meditation Self Love

As with regular meditation practice one of the best things you can do is close off into a quiet space where you will remain disturbance free for the duration of the track. This is going to be a very special and personal journey for you, keeping yourself and your energy clear of other external influences is thus a good thing. Of course you could say that the guided meditation you will be using is an external influence, the key point being that it is a supportive one which you are inviting in to aid you in achieving elevated degrees of self-esteem, self-confidence and self love.

The use of headphones or speakers is entirely your choice, the suggestion being that you use which ever has the highest quality sound reproduction. That said using headphones could be an advantageous thing for many as they help to screen out background sounds and as such can bring you a deeper and more immersive experience.

Ensuring your meditative space is comfortable is also important, by increasing your comfort levels and making the experience as enjoyable as possible you will get the most from it. You can find more tips which are beneficial in the how to meditate section.

Other Resources That Can Aid Your Experience

The use of aromatherapy within meditation is well worth considering. There are a large number of aroma diffusers available, from the cheap and simple to more advanced models. Essential oils have a variety of effects on the body, mind and soul, and there are some which are incredibly good for aiding in your development of self love and self esteem.

Bergamot, Coriander, Cypress, Frankincense, Helichrysum and Melissa are all good for aiding in the type of mood shifts which can help with your transition to improved self worth and self love. Just a few drops of one, or a couple of drops from a selection of them can aid you in deepening your meditation in a more holistic way, thus helping you to achieve even more from it.

Final Tips On Guided Meditation Self Love Track Use

It is recommended that you enjoy a regular meditative practice with your guided meditation self love soundtrack, taking time each day is most beneficial, though if you felt like practising twice a day or more that would be highly encouraged. The more you carry yourself into state and develop feelings of improved self worth and self confidence through the experience the more you will notice the results in the rest of your day to day experience. Augment this with mindfulness or vipassana meditation and you will be on route for an incredibly joyful life filled with quality true self love.