The Breathing Meditation Technique And Its Benefits

The breathing meditation offers wonderful benefits for both novice and more advanced meditation practitioners. It is simple, basic and a very pure way to meditate and offers a great way to develop a joyful practice. The more you practice in this way, the more expansive it becomes, and you will understand why as the experience comes to you.

For a start it helps to foster personal growth in an amazing way.

Through the calm and heightened ability to focus. Your personal development can move on in leaps and bounds, as you become ever more able to delve deeper and deeper, within your own unconscious mind.

How To Do It

To do it just get into a comfortable seated position, be that lotus, cross legged or sitting on a chair. You can either close or keep your eyes open as you wish. Ensure you are feeling comfortable, if too cool add an extra layer of clothing or a blanket, if too warm take a layer off, just adjust as best you can.

When you are comfortable and ready just begin to breathe. Hold your focus on your breath. Concentrate on breathing in and out, keeping the pace slow and steady yet comfortable. Slow down as much as you can and breathe as deeply as you can, all in a manner that has you feeling good and at ease.

As you slow your breathing feel the way your mind and body relax and come to ease. Allow yourself to just flow ever deeper into that ease as you keep your focus on your breathing, just steadily breathing in and out.

Doing this for even 5 minutes at a time is really good for you, and from 5 minutes, or less if you wish, it is really easy to then expand out to longer periods of time, say 10, 15, 20 minutes or longer. To make things even easier for you there is a free 15 minute guided breathing meditation available here to help you if you wish to use it.

The Benefits Of Breathing Meditation

There are of course a great deal of meditation benefits, in terms of this technique there are a few special, and extra, ones which are noteworthy.

Decreasing Your Blood Pressure

One of the things noted as occurring during the performance of this simple technique is the reduction of blood pressure. When you so it you will likely notice it for yourself, even if you only do it effectively for a few minutes. Concentrating on your breath helps you to let go of other thoughts, which enables you mind to flow to calm more easily. In addition to this through having a fuller awareness of your breathing it naturally slows, in doing so your heart also relaxes and blood pressure can thus decrease as a result. This also helps to reduce your experience of stress, and helps you gain effective stress relief.

Oxygenating Your Body And Mind More Effectively

Provided you are in a location where you have fresh air, rather than a sealed room with old stale air, you have the opportunity for enriching your body more fully. As you flow into a meditative state your mind and body can become calm and still, as such they have lower demand for oxygen. Whilst you focus on your breath you actually begin to draw in more oxygen than many usually do.

This increased level of oxygen can then bathe your organs and brain, which enables you to heal more effectively and helps your mind to focus and relax more easily too. When you finish practising you will notice feeling remarkably different to how you felt before.

Enhancing Your Practice And Gaining A Higher Degree Of Joyful Living

Through the use of this simple breathing meditation technique you can cultivate a more effective meditative practice, you can heal, relax and enjoy quality stress relief with ease. You can enhance the effects of this through the use of essential oils and aromatherapy too, with oils such as lavender and frankincense helping with stress relief, and rosemary enhancing mental function for example. Brainwave entrainment and meditation music can also help you to move into deeper states and gain greater benefits as a result, and when combining these with aromatherapy you gain a truly holistic experience.