Mindfulness Meditation Stress Relief With Ease

Mindfulness Meditation has achieved a great reputation for aiding people in achieving stress relief with ease. It is one of the simplest forms of Meditation, and has become incredibly wide spread since Jon Kabat-Zinn founded the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program at the University of Massachusetts to treat the chronically ill in 1979.

The simplicity means that you can learn it relatively quickly and start getting good results, i.e. reduce stress mainly, fast.

Thus it can really accelerate your personal development, and personal growth, in an amazing way.

What Makes This Meditation So Simple?

This is down to the origin of the practice. Whilst in popular form it is free of religion, the origin is within Buddhism where it comes from the word Sati, which in Pali means Awareness. In this context awareness centers largely around the self, in the beginning anyway. As you focus on your breathing and bodily sensation, before expanding thoughts out to wider things as you become freer and freer of emotional and mental negativity.

What Do You Do In Mindfulness Meditation?

For this Meditation you need to be seated in a comfortable position. Free from distraction or disturbance, ideally. Though any distractions and disturbances will actually give you more practice with the technique. Why? Because you are releasing negative feelings and thoughts as part of the process.

You begin by focusing all your attention on your breathing. Literally feeling and sensing every movement. Every little feeling. As you bring life giving air into your lungs. Then exhaling. Sense and feel everything as you transition through these life giving movements.

As you become more and more relaxed feel your body and mind relax. You will notice that you feel ever more at ease within yourself as you do this. Once you are feeling deeply at ease, relaxed and calm within yourself, notice the sensations around your body. Moving from your eyes, through your face and head, down your neck and through your body if you like. As you move through all these sensations allow your muscles to relax ever more deeply. Softening your body as you go.

Allow your mindfulness of your physical condition to feedback as you give yourself permission to relax on deeper and deeper levels. In turn this will aid you in relaxing your emotional and mental condition. Providing stress relief and greater freedom emotionally and mentally as you go. Things which combine to bring you greater joy and fulfillment in life in a cumulative manner. The more you do this, the stronger and richer the results you achieve.

Stress and Anxiety Management in Nursing Students: Biofeedback and Mindfulness Meditation.

"The current study investigated the efficacy of two brief intervention programs-biofeedback and mindfulness meditation-on levels of state anxiety and perceived stress in second-year Thai nursing students as they began clinical training.
Eighty-nine participants from a public nursing college in Thailand were randomly assigned to one of three groups: biofeedback group, mindfulness meditation group, or a control group. All participants were given pre- and postintervention surveys, which included demographic information; the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (State Anxiety Scale); and the Perceived Stress Scale.
Findings indicated that biofeedback significantly reduced anxiety and maintained stress levels in nursing students. Mindfulness meditation similarly decreased anxiety levels, while also significantly lowering stress levels. The biofeedback group exhibited significant reduction in anxiety levels among the three groups at postintervention.
Despite stressors and demands nursing students experience as they begin clinical practice, study findings support the use of biofeedback and mindfulness meditation interventions to assist nursing students in managing stress and anxiety. [J Nurs Educ. 2015;54(9):520-524.]."
Ratanasiripong P, Park JF, Ratanasiripong N, Kathalae D.
Source On NIH.Gov

Achieving Emotional And Mental Freedom Within Mindfulness Meditation

Once you are well relaxed just allow your thoughts to flow, and as they do you allow yourself to release negativity attached to them. How do you do this? Very simply. It is as though you are watching your life as a movie. The thoughts flow in front of you. You see everything happen. The flow of all events in your life.

Yet as they flow as a movie does you are watching them purely as an observer. With this comes a sense of detachment. You have ceased to be a part of those events. They have passed by already. They have become memory, which means you have ceased to have physical involvement with them.

The purpose of emotion in your life is that of a highlighter. You use a highlighter to draw attention to things. So that you can get information that is most important, attaining the learning before moving on. Yet most people retain negative emotion far longer than is necessary due to the belief that it is important. Yet the most important thing is the learning, something which is of far greater importance than the emotion itself. If you never get the learning then the events repeat until you do. Get the learning and the events need never happen again.

So within the meditation you release the emotion and allow your unconscious mind to attain the learning. As it does so it will create more effective way to achieving things that you wish, in a way that is free of the negativity you experienced before.

The negative emotion itself becomes effectively toxic over time, especially when it accumulates. Leading to issues with anxiety, anger and sadness amongst other things. All of which in turn affect relationships and work in ways that cause further issues. Allow yourself to release that negativity and joy can flood back into life. Happiness and fulfillment can become the norm for you. With ease.

As you finish your meditation it is always a good idea to give gratitude for the learning and experience you have just had. Doing so sets you up for greater joy in life and achieving the results you desire with far less effort than normally expected.

Freedom Through Meditation And Mindful Behavior

You can choose to expand this further, achieving ever greater results in your life as a result. You can expand out into mindful behavior. As such taking that emotional and mental awareness into everyday living. Being mindful of your thoughts and feelings as you experience them on a moment by moment level.

When you do this you can detach negativity as soon as it happens, or as soon as you notice it. Leading to a point where you can become truly stress free.

For more help on with the meditation if you would like additional guidance and help then check out the Guided Mindfulness Meditation mp3. Whilst the Mindfulness Exercises will give you more to work with and expand into if you would appreciate that. You may also find the Mindfulness Training and Mindful Living sections of use too.