Orange Essential Oil For Depression

Orange essential oil has great use for dealing with depression. It has a strongly uplifting effect which mirrors that brightness and warmth of the fruit and places it grows. There are a variety of therapeutic effects beyond this which help you to become clear of depression, and Orange can be used in a variety of ways in order to access these beneficial properties. Massage with Orange essential oil is one of the best things, though other approaches have great benefit as well.

How Orange Essential Oil Helps Treat Depression

For a start Orange actually has a natural anti-depressant effect. It is one of the effects that comes through strongest with this essential oil, just a quick inhale of this aroma brings freshly renewed positivity to your heart and mind.

As a stimulant it helps to increase your energy levels too, thus providing a drive to move upwards and out of depression. One of the things that tends to characterise being depressed is a lack of energy and will to do anything. So as this brings higher levels of energy the impetus to do something increases and it becomes easier to break the depressed state and shift into a happier one.

A further beneficial action that comes into action is its effect as a tonic, bringing freshness to the body in a holistic manner. As the tonic action takes effect your general feeling of health rises. Your whole body has a boost to its wellbeing. As your organs, including your skin, feel more alive it is easier for you to ride that elevating feeling with them and feel more alive, positive and happy in general.

How To Treat Depression With Orange Oil

The key methods of use here are via topical application and inhalation via aroma diffuser. Orange essential oil can also be ingested when you are using a high quality oil which is specifically stated as being safe for this purpose. Patch testing for all topical usage is recommended before use in those ways.

Topical Application Via Massage

To get the most of this type of usage a full body massage is the best, ideally with someone else doing it for you. If you can get someone to do this for you then working from the toes all the way through to the top of your scalp yields fantastic results. It is an incredibly uplifting yet relaxing and joyful experience. Mix 5 or 6 drops of Orange with a carrier oil and then use that mixture for the massage.

If you are unable to get someone else to massage you then you can still enjoy great effects from performing a self massage. For a self massage again work your way upwards from your toes, through your feet to the top of your head. If areas of your body, such as your back are difficult to massage then just do your best, though in a relaxed way, avoid stressing yourself about hard to reach places. If your back is difficult then focus in on your kidney area and shoulders, you will get strong benefit from these areas. For self massage if you are unable to do your back use 4 to 5 drops of Orange, if you can do your back use 5 to 6 drops in a carrier oil.

Direct Application

There are two points on this, firstly only use a high quality oil in this manner, secondly patch test on your skin first in order to check for sensitivity and irritation. If you are ok then proceed to use in this manner.

When using in direct application only use 2 to 3 drops. Place them on the tips of the fingers of one hand, then touch the tips of the fingers from your other hand to them so you have an even application. Use your finger tips to gently massage the oil into your temples, the sides of your head and around to the back of your head. This has an immediately pleasant and uplifting effect.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

When using in an aroma diffuser use a maximum of 6 drops. This is something which provides strong benefit to any environment in which it is used. At work, home and all places this will have an uplifting effect on the people there. It will help everyone who breathes the aroma to feel good, so you can induce a more positive environment in general. If there are issues between friends and loved ones, or with working relationships then this can be used to help those be overcome, which helps to tackle some of the sources of depression, thus helping you to deal with it on a far more effective level.


Only use in this way when you are using a high quality oil which is stated as being safe to use in this manner. Provided you have such a source then this is a great way to use the oil to help overcome depression. Used in warm or cool drinks, or food it brings a pleasant flavour which imparts the qualities of the oil as you digest it. Well worth trying out.

Combining With Meditation

For this you can apply via one of the topical methods or use in an aroma diffuser. Meditating is a really good way to deal with depression in itself, when combined with the use of Orange essential oil an even stronger effect can be achieved. If you have never meditated before then go to the how to meditate section to discover simple techniques. You can also use the various meditation videos available to help you too.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Depression With Orange

A combination of the above methods will give you the best results when using orange to treat depression. Regular use in an aroma diffuser will help you to enjoy the positive benefits over a uniform and sustained period of time. Massage on a regular basis induces yet higher levels of positivity, having someone else massage you achieves the highest benefit, though even massaging yourself induces good positive feelings. Getting into the root causes of depression is the best way to deal with it long term, for this reason doing something like meditation or Ho'o Pono Pono is strongly suggested.

To get the absolute best results when dealing with depression, and with all Orange essential oil uses, ensure you are using a high quality source. The difference in terms of effects makes it very worthwhile, and getting good quality essential oils is easy.