Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil Its Uses And What It Is

Lavender Essential Oil comes from the flower spikes of species of Lavender plant. It is probably one of the most widely used essential oils, and widely known for its calming and relaxing effect. The English name is believed to be derived from the Latin "Lavare" which means "to wash", through which the plants properties were used for many centuries. Basins or baths of water infused with lavender were used as an aid to promote healing, especially with burns. The essential oil was used in many hospitals for its properties during World War I, and has increasing medical data supporting its usage now. Primarily noted for its aid as a relaxant, along with its healing properties it has a great many other useful properties, you can discover about Lavender Essential Oil Uses and their benefits to you below.


The essential oil is gained via steam distillation from the flower spikes, and is colourless or pale yellow and clear in nature, with a thin or watery viscosity. In terms of aroma it has a top note, which is light, fresh and very distinctive to anyone who has ever smelt Lavender before.

Essential Oil Characteristics

The essential oil is gained via steam distillation from the leaves of the plant. It varies from colourless to slightly green and is clear in nature, with a thin or watery viscosity. The aroma has a middle note with a rose like scent, this is even more accentuated with Rose Geranium.


It has a complex composition chemically, as befits its hugely versatile nature. The main constituents that yield the properties of this oil are Linalyl acetate and Linalool. With other important constituents being β-Caryophyllene, Lavandulyl acetate, (Z)-β-Ocimene, Lavandulyl acetate, Terpinen-4-ol and β-Farnesene, there are others though these are the main ones.

Safety Note For Lavender Essential Oil

Should be avoided during pregnancy as in high doses it can be an emmenagogue. Other than that it's generally considered a safe and gentle oil to use, no special notes.

Efficacy of aromatherapy (Lavandula angustifolia) as an intervention for agitated behaviours in Chinese older persons with dementia: a cross-over randomized trial.

"In summary, lavender is effective as an adjunctive therapy in alleviating agitated behaviours in Chinese patients with dementia. In a patient population particularly vulnerable to side effects of psychotropic medications, aromatherapy using lavender may offer an alternative option."
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Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Lavender Essential Oil uses for many people are confined to relaxation and sleep. Whilst it is an incredibly good aid for these things, it is also capable of so much more. It is very good for helping to heal burns of differing types. It is commonly believed that this was discovered by French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse in the early 1900's, when he burned himself badly whilst working in his laboratory. He noted that the burned skin hurt less after he placed it in Lavender water, and that it also healed faster than would be usually expected. Lavender oil is also a good balancer, helping the body to come to a natural equilibrium within itself following times of imbalance and stress. These few things though are just the tip of the Iceberg, so to speak.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Lavender Essential Oil



The sedative and anti-depressant qualities come through strongly, and indeed are large reasons that many people reach for this oil, and that is a good thing. For as an essential oil Lavender covers off a huge range of conditions, and one of the things that boosts healing ability is being at ease and restful. By taking that extra help with stress relief for easing the mind, increasing the sense of inner peace, and being content to by relaxed and quite, you improve your bodies ability to heal and become well again with greater speed.

A separate point of note is that this oil is very good for repelling flies amongst other insects. Using the oil close to windows, or in an aroma diffuser within rooms, will help to keep those living, or working, spaces free from flies and other insects.

Conditions That It Helps With

Acne And Oily Skin
Arthritis And Rheumatism
Blood Fat/Cholesterol Reduction
Headaches And Migraines
Hair Loss
High Blood Pressure
Insect Repellent

Insomnia And Sleep
Lice, Insect Bites And Stings
Menstrual Problems/PMS
Muscular Aches And Pains
Nervous Tension
Nervous Exhaustion
Reducing Excess Sebum On Skin
Respiratory Infections
Skin Conditions
Throat Infections
Whooping Cough

Most of the conditions listed here have stress of a mental or emotional nature as part of their root cause. The effect that this oil has on the mind is as such one of the things that contributes to it being effective in helping to treat these various conditions. Psoriasis, Acne and Insomnia, to name just a few, ave roots in the mental and emotional stress of life. They can all comes from similar or vastly different events, depending on the person, they are all closely entwined with stress though.

As such Lavender essential oil is a very important oil for the stressful life that many people live through, and as a point of support for anyone wishing to create change within their life.

Points To Note On Lavender Essential Oil Uses

This is one of the safest oils that you can use. It has a wonderful effect on the mind, helping to rebalance the mind and body in numerous ways, and is an oil that is worth keeping at home, and at work if possible. The benefit it brings can vastly improve your quality of life.

Of course using quality source of it will help you to get the best from all of the Lavender Essential Oil Uses. You will notice the difference when using varying qualities, and better quality Lavender does give better results, the same is true of all oils really. Find out how to get high quality Lavender essential oil, discover more on essential oils.