Geranium Essential Oil For Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition that is much helped by Geranium essential oil. Insomnia is an unpleasant condition that can become steadily worse as a causes tend to get compounded by the condition and thus create a downward spiral. Leading to a worsen situation. Something which can be treated and avoided by using Geranium oil and the properties it has, with the sedative and antidepressant properties really shining through and helping you to overcome the condition.

Geraniums Natural Sedative Action

Geranium essential oil has a natural sedative action which helps you to overcome insomnia and get to sleep. The key point here is natural. When treating your body and helping it to overcome dis-ease and various unpleasant conditions using natural products can be a very good thing for your body. When using natural products you body can process them more easily, and you can use them free from side effects. If you have any kind of reaction either use less or stop using them, though Geranium is incredibly gentle, the only time it should be avoided is during pregnancy.

The natural way it calms the mind and body, working as a sedative, really helps you to ease past the difficulty of getting to sleep. Once you have eased yourself into sleep it is easier to get rest. Then if you wake up again you can use the sedative action of the oil to ease you back into sleep once again.

Antidepressant Effects Ease Away Negative Feelings Brought By Insomnia

Geranium also acts as an antidepressant, something which is key to treating insomnia which tends to holds roots in stress. Plus it has a tendency to cause negative emotions and irritability due to lack of sleep. The great the level of sleep deprivation, over longer periods of time, the greater the level of negative emotion that compounds, and the depression it can create.

Though geranium has a natural uplifting and emotionally cleansing action. This antidepressant effect helps you by clearing away the unpleasant mental and emotional issues caused by the condition, as well as the ones which led to the condition establishing in the first place. Problems at work, home, with money or whatever, that lead to stress, tension and varying levels of depression as a result. As these are cleared more and more the condition can abate and recede. Leaving you free to enjoy quality rest and sleep again.

How To Use Geranium Oil To Overcome Insomnia

There are a couple of ways you can use it, and ideally doing both is best.

Topical Application Via Massage

Massaging 2 or 3 drops of Geranium essential oil into your temples, scalp, neck and shoulders using a carrier oil will help get it to where it need to be the most, into your head and the blood flow around your brain. Calming mental activity and helping you to ease smoothly into a restful state.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

Having an aroma diffuser going with good quality Geranium oil in is beneficial too. Breathing in the aroma over a sustained period of time will have you enjoying its soothing and calming nature over that extended period of time. With the aroma going deep into your lungs and then circulating through your whole body easing it into, and helping it to stay in, a restful state.

Getting The Best Results With Geranium Essential Oil

To truly get the best results with Geranium essential oil when treating insomnia use a high quality source, and use it both topically and via an aroma diffuser. To give yourself a strong edge to overcome trouble sleeping start the aroma diffuser around 30 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. During that time relax in a gentle meditation, perhaps using peaceful meditation videos, to calm your mind further and thus enable yourself to get to sleep that much more easily. Mental calm is important when you wish to overcome insomnia and sleep well.