Bergamot Essential Oil For Depression

Bergamot essential oil has been widely noted by aromatherapists for a very long time as being probably the best oil for treating issues around depression. It has a good uplifting nature to it, which helps people to loosen off the shackles that bound them consciously to their problems. Of course one of the challenges here is the photosensitising nature of the oil, ideally getting outside into the light is a good thing as is helps to ease depression too. Yet increased photosensitivity leads people to stay indoors to protect from adverse effects, something which can feel a little depressing to some.

How Bergamot Essential Oil Helps Treat Depression

For a start Bergamot oil has a natural antidepressant action. This is highly noticeable through its wonderful citrus aroma, though the effect does go deeper. This citrus oil creates a positive uplifting effect within the mind, some thing which works quickly and effectively. Making it a good option for those wondering how to deal with depression quickly.

Its sedative effect helps to bring a calmer state of mind too. Creating a combination effect of a positive yet at ease mind. With this effect it then becomes much easier for you to move on with your life in a more joyful and inspired way.

How To Treat Depression With Bergamot Oil

The best ways to use this oil to aid with depression are via massage, baths, perfume and room aroma. However you use it your skin is going to become more light sensitive, massaging the oil in is going to create the most noticeable effect though.

Topical Application Via Massage

By placing a drop, two maximum, in some carrier oil, for which coconut is good due to its gentle nature and dermal-health promoting properties, then applying a small amount to the chest, shoulders and back or another area that is protected from sunlight is a good idea. The oil can still absorb, though in a shaded part of the body, whilst you can inhale the uplifting aroma too.

As a note, the shoulders and back are where many people hold tension and stress. As these areas are massaged and the muscles become softer again, the tension and stress dissapates. Helping you to become calm and feel good, thus helping you deal with depression more effectively.

Evening Baths With Bergamot

Evening baths are another good way to access the anti-depressant and anxiety relieving properties of this oil. Again only use 2 drops maximum and mix with a carrier oil to aid dispersion, otherwise a film can form on the bath causing concentrated absorbtion on certain areas of skin. Having a bath like this when you arrive home after work has a great effect on your mental and emotional health. Though of course the benefit of doing this is greatest for the time you are in the bath, and the bathroom of course due to the diffusion on the oil via steam into the air there.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

This is a good way to access a good 3 to 4 hours of sustained upliftment, especially as it can be enjoyed as you go about your normal activities at home or work. If using this at work then ensure everyone in shared workspaces is ok with it first.

Add 4 drops to your aroma diffuser and then carry on as you would normally, going about various activities.

Combining With Meditation

To amplify the effects of the oil you can use it in conjunction with meditation. It has long been known that meditating has a positive effect on the mind, and is very helpful in dealing with depression. To discover how to get the best of this approach go to the section on how to meditate, it is easier than you may think.

Combining With Ho'o Pono Pono

Another approach on how to deal with depression more effectively using Bergamot is to use it whilst doing Ho'o Pono Pono. This Hawaiian technique helps you to release stress, tension and negative thinking with ease. The Ho'o Pono Pono techniques are very simple and easy to use, and can be discovered in the Ho'o Pono Pono section.

Inhalation Via Handkerchief

This is a very useful method if you are out and about a lot. Just place 2 drops on a handkerchief, then draw it out, hold to your nose and inhale the aroma as you feel the need. These short bursts of aromatherapy help you to take control and deal with depression whatever else you are doing.

Important Safety Note

Bergamot essential oil can induce photosensitivity. Be careful in using it if you live in a sunny area, or if you have plans to be in the sunshine for a long period of time.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Depression With Bergamot

By carrying a handkerchief with a couple of drops on you can have something easy to hand when out and about, or wherever. For really challenging times use in an aroma diffuser for sustained aroma treatment, or use via massage to help release background stress and tension that runs with it. Also combine with meditation and Ho'o Pono Pono, doing so will give you an active yet pleasurable way of dealing with depression that brings faster results.

To access the greatest results for this and other Bergamot essential oil uses then ensure you are using a high quality oil. Getting good quality essential oils is easier than you think. Plus the effects they yield are truly worth their getting.