Monaural Beats - Possibly The Best Brainwave Entrainment For Enhancing Health

Monaural beats are very different from binaural beats, and whilst similar in a manner to Isochronic tones also hold key differences with them too, along with a very distinct benefit mentioned further down. One of their key advantages, as with Isochronic tones, is that this form of brainwave entrainment is effective through both speakers and headphones, meaning that you can use them with a greater degree of comfort and also with groups of people if so desired.

Why Don't Monaural Beats Require Headphones?

Each of the brainwave entrainment methods has a different manner in which they operate, with this particular type being formed externally through “physical” sound. As with binaural beats two frequencies are matched together to create a third frequency. Though the difference here is that the third one created through this form is an acoustic difference which works directly on the basilar membrane in order to induce an effect. As such this method of entrainment can be used effectively via either headphones or speakers due to the way in which the effect is created.

Subtle External Stimulus Creating Profound Internal Effects

Whilst each form of sound based entrainment has its particular fans there are certain uses and operating points where this form has a distinct advantage. While the other forms both work well in the upper ranges, from gamma through alpha and nudging into theta, Monaural beats have been indicated by various sources as producing more reliable effects in the lower ranges of Theta and especially within Delta. This a very key benefit to anyone wishing to enhance their health, or get better quality sleep, as both the best healing and deepest sleep happen within the Delta range.

Whilst the pulsing that is formed from the way the selected frequencies interact on a particular entrainment track, the impact on the person, or persons, listening as such can be far more profound than through the use of the other two sonic entrainment types. That this form is effective via speakers brings it additional advantages, especially when consideration over the increased low end effectiveness is taken into account. Who really wants to be wearing earphones when they drift off to sleep? Or when meditating in their meditation space?

Through the ability to use the tracks containing these wave forms via speakers it becomes easier to use the tracks with an increased degree of physical comfort. Something which in turn boosts their effectiveness as potential distraction is eliminated. Setting your stereo on a sleep timer as you enjoy a deep sleep induction puts you in a very good frame using these beats, if you do end up rolling around having being drawn down into a serene slumber you can remain free of concerns of being wrapped up in headphones. Plus of course the effects of Monaural entrainment are more reliable in the low range, Delta, being utilised.

Benefits Of Monaural Beats

One of the greatest benefits that Monaural beats yield is the ability to be enjoyed via speakers, something which can enhance your comfort as the listener in the various ways you wish to use them. The key areas here are within meditation and sleep related tracks. Headphones can be good for isolating external sounds, and really aiding you in moving into a place of greater peace. Headphone can be bulky as a trade-off, and in ear buds can be uncomfortable, plus both tend to have wires, and come out or off if you move too much. So having the freedom to be enjoyed freely and in comfort is of massive benefit when slipping into the deepest states of brainwaves and relaxation or rest.

So the key benefits of using this type of BWE:

  • Can be fully enjoyed via either speakers or headphones
  • Aid you in getting access to the emotional states that you wish to be in
  • Noted as having greater effective in the important Delta range as well as the lower levels of Theta
  • Freedom to enjoy via speakers makes them ideal for use in Sleep Aid tracks, and can enhance comfort for deep meditation sessions too.

What Monaural Beats Are Best?

Whilst they are effective across all frequencies they show greater reliability in effects than other sonic brainwave entrainment methods in Theta and Delta. As such, sessions relating to healing, sleep, meditation, deep relaxation and stress relief are the main types of tracks where having monaural beats to aid you in attaining your desired effects are going to be best. The tracks developed by SurgingLife have this taken into consideration, so when you use them you can feel assured of getting the greatest benefit possible for yourself.