Isochronic Tones

Isochronic tones are a form of brainwave entrainment and are very different to their Binaural beat and Monaural beat counterparts. They are formed through modulating, or in simple terms turning on and off, an evenly spaced tone. The effect is to create a beat within the normal sound, and it means that they can be used effectively via both speakers and headphones. This later part meaning that you can use them in a wider range of comfort, on top of this they have greater effects than their counterparts over certain key brainwave frequencies.

Common Question - “Do Isochronic Tones Work?”

In short yes. The long answer is that they work well in certain brainwave frequency bands, then marginally in others, basically in other ranges other forms of entrainment work better, notably in Gamma where Binaural beats are far better, and Delta where Monaural beats have much greater effect.

Beyond this, and as with all BWE, the effectiveness depends on the user. The more flexibly your brainwaves can shift the better the results you will get. Hence why BWE is helpful for brain training and improving your ability to get various results. You can use the special sonic entrainment tracks to improve your brainwave responses, and ability to access them easily, through repeated listening. As such improving your ability to respond and get good results whatever the starting result is when you first use them.

The Optimum Brainwave Frequencies They Work With

Each brainwave entrainment has its advantages, Binaural beats in the upper ranges, Monaural beats in the lower ranges. Isochronic tones have the greatest impact, and the edge over the other two when it comes to Beta and Alpha brainwaves. They are still effect into the Gamma and Theta states, though their effects are diminishing. Note that brainwave entrainment is still undergoing a great deal of research, and what is presented here offers you the best in terms of information available at present.

"Homeostasis - Music For Relaxation And Restoration" specially developed by Stephen Frost of SurgingLife as an aid to joyful living, this track contains Isochronic Tones and Monaural Beats to help you achieve amazing results.

Effectively this means that the best usage for them is within the tracks that aid you with light relaxation, light meditation and the gentle easing of the mind, as is within the Alpha brainwave range. Alpha is also highly effective for improving memory, creativity and cognitive action, as such studying, artistic pursuits and creative problem solving all gain benefits. With the slide up into the Beta brainwave range concentration and focus can also be found to benefit.

This range also means that they can provide a good synergy in combination with the other forms of brainwave entrainment. By pairing them with either Binaural beats or Monaural beats a greater effect can be induced over varying brainwave frequencies. As such enabling different starting states, gradual shifts into desired states, and effective alternation between states as required. An example of the usefulness of this would be, an Alpha start for a relaxation that then progresses down through into Theta or Delta. There are additional uses, though this is one good example.

Benefits Of Isochronic Tones

There are a number of things that give you and other listeners benefit. Many of these are core to brainwave entrainment in general, and whilst Isochronic tones have the benefit of being able to be enjoyed fully via speakers in difference to the earphones as required by Binaural beats, the only major differences they hold with Monaural beats are the brainwave frequencies they are most effective over.

So the key benefits of using this type of BWE:

  • Can be fully enjoyed via either speakers or headphones
  • Aid you in accessing the mental and emotional states that you wish to be in
  • Noted as being of higher effectiveness in the Alpha range, lower levels of Beta and upper levels of Theta
  • Due to working via speakers they can be enjoyed while moving around, so they are great for combining with dance and yoga sessions

The Best Isochronic Tones Uses

Obviously as stated above they are great for linking states and feeding your mind more effectively between states. They have wonderful use on their own within tracks which improve focus and concentration, the Alpha state being good for this in many ways, and when the mind is moved between Alpha and Beta it opens up slightly different states which bring a greater action and a stronger resulting effect.

Many of the brainwave entrainment tracks on SurgingLife.Com use Isochronic tones for one reason or another, largely due to the greater effectiveness. Take a good look at the brainwave entrainment download section to see what tracks can help you best and which sound forms they use.