Vipassana Meditation – Clarity And Release With Ease

Vipassana Meditation is the way of creating a practice that embodies the meaning of Vipassana, clarity and clear vision, into your life. In doing so you are able to achieve greater depths of calmness due to the stress relief and dissipation of negative emotion that you achieve. A large element at the core of the practice is Mindfulness of your own body, and being Mindful of your breathing.

Are Vipassana Meditation and Mindfulness Meditation The Same Thing?

Whilst being very similar and closely related they do have differences, though they are subtle. As mentioned in the page on Vipassana the key difference is spiritual and religious context. Mindfulness being all about Awareness, whilst Vipassana is all about Clarity. Subtle for sure, though there is a difference there.

That said both things aid you in achieving calmness and greater levels of joy within your life.

How Do You Do Vipassana Meditation

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways of meditating. When practicing during your quiet time one of the main things you do is maintain a focus on your breathing and your body. You become mindful of your body, and mindful of your breathing. In a sense you allow them to become the sole focus of your awareness.

As you do this, focusing purely upon your own body. How your muscles feel. How your chest and lungs move. Of your heart as it moves blood around your body. Of the sensations you feel. You achieve a deeper rapport with your own body. You slide into a deeper understanding of yourself on a physical level. Yet as you do this you also achieve deeper emotional, mental and spiritual connections with yourself. It helps you to heal the disconnect that many people have with their own energy.

The focus on your physical body, breathing and physical sensations that you feel also helps you to achieve something else. It makes it easier for you to relax, achieve stress relief and calm your mind of mental and emotional activity related to other things. How is this of value to you?

As you allow your mind to become calm, reducing mental and emotional activity you achieve clarity, i.e. the core meaning of the practice. With this clarity comes the ability to make greater sense of the things in your life. You can pull the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that had previously alluded you. Sense and understanding comes where previously there had been confusion and negativity. Yet it goes beyond that to so much more. Why?

Enlightened Living And Freedom Of Being

As you become better able to make sense of how you have created and impacted on events, which comes through clarity and depth of understanding on events, you become able to move past the negative emotion that bogs many people down. You move to clearer waters and start to move freely.

This all happens due to the increasingly enlightened way in which you view yourself. Whilst many talk of Enlightenment in a God like way, the transition that is gone through to achieve divinity, there are degrees of it. As you become more and more enlightened within yourself you place less meaning on the negativity and base nature of events and emotions. Spiraling upwards instead into heights that bring joy through fulfillment in other ways. You achieve joyful living and a way of being that bridges into being inspirational. Beautiful and simple really.

Vipassana Meditation A Simplicity That Brings Clarity And Joy

So try the practice out for yourself. It is simple and incredibly enjoyable. Allow yourself to transition through your body and embrace the full feeling of every sensation that you experience.

The transition, and personal growth, it can lead to within your mind and heart is amazing, both in terms of the potential for a more enlightened way of being, and the stress relief you attain. It truly does bring a wonderful facet to your personal development. If you are still unsure about exactly what to do, and want more guidance and assistance in practicing, then check out the Guided Vipassana Meditation mp3.