Ho'o Pono Pono Meditation For Forgiveness

Ho'o Pono Pono meditation can be a little more involved than the simple form where you purely repeat the same 4 phrases over and over. Granted if you wished to just utilise the four phrases over and over like a mantra meditation then you can, the method shared here works on a deeper level and produces better results though.

The resulting personal growth, and personal development, can bring amazing transformation to your life.

First Steps

Initially it is really good to build up your internal energy. This is due to the fact that you are releasing various mental and emotional connections as you go, these connections are energetic and whilst they will release easily when the time comes, the building up to and releasing them does take energy on your part.

To build energy the easiest and most beneficial way for this activity is via Ha Breathing. You can find the details on how to do Ha Breathing here, it is very simple. It is good to Ha Breathe for at least 10 minutes prior to doing the release work via Ho'o Pono Pono, the longer you Ha Breathe the easier you will find it to cleanse and release everything you need to.

The Ho'o Pono Pono Meditation For Forgiveness

Firstly close your eyes. Visualize a stage in-front of you, however simple or elaborate is up to you, the stage is your creation. Allow yourself to float in front of the stage and above it, looking down on it from a little distance away. The next thing to do is allow a silvery ball of light to appear above the stage, this is the core connection to the universe, the point of origin to which things return in order to be reborn.

When that is done start inviting people up onto the stage. Notice that there is a silvery threadlike connection between you, this is your Aka connection, an energetic link created by emotion and feeling. Tell them that you are sorry, as long as you mean it, though if you do not then likewise do not expect forgiveness from them. Once you have told them that you are sorry, and meant it, ask them for their forgiveness.

Forgiveness Can Be Fast In Coming

Often this will come almost instantly. Occasionally you may have to talk to them while they are on the stage. Spend however long is required with each person until they forgive you, for some people it may take a little while, for most it will come very quickly though.

Once they have forgiven you thank them. Gratitude is important. So taking a moment to thank them for their forgiveness is good, it also helps you to forge a stronger more positive relationship with them. Once this is done tell them that you love them. This is in the widest sense of the word, pure universal love, the appreciation of things and the recognition of goodness and good feeling. Of your care for them and your desire for their wellbeing.

Let The Aka Cords Dissolve Naturally

Having done this you will then notice the connection between you disintegrate and fall away. As this happens they will float up into the silvery ball of light above the stage and disappear.

Continue on until you have forgiven and gained forgiveness from everyone in your life. This includes yourself if required. Having been in that position before it was a surprise, yet an incredibly cleansing experience that once done brought some wonderful changes into my life.


At the end, once all forgiveness has been given and received pause for a moment in gratitude. Share your gratitude with the universe for what has been experienced and achieved. Give thanks to yourself for what you have done, and reflect on everything that has transpired.

Pause And Rest

Once you have been through the whole exercise, forgiven and asked forgiveness and received it from everyone in your life, take a moment and pause. Allow yourself to settle and process. This is a healing process and dealing with all the emotions can take a little getting used to. Once you feel at ease, relaxed, calm and ready to get on with other things in your day then do so, just be gentle on yourself.

Reinforcing Your Life With Ho'o Pono Pono

This Ho'o Pono Pono meditation method is powerful. It will really help to cleanse off things which have caused upset and unpleasantness in your life. If you only do it every so often then great, it will really help you at those times. To back it up and really get the best of your life though getting into using the 4 simple phrases, "I Love You, I Am Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You", on a daily basis will bring you amazing life change. The more you practice in this way the more amazed you will be about how your life changes around you.