Ho'o Pono Pono Cleaning Your Daily Life

Ho'o Pono Pono cleaning is based around 4 simple things. Things which can easily be brought into daily life, and carried through every waking moment, if you choose to that is. Granted you can practice the full Ho'o Pono Pono method every day if you wish, which is powerful in and of itself. Using it as a moment by moment, breath by breath practice brings something else to you though.

The Four Basic Elements Of Ho'o Pono Pono

I'm Sorry
Please Forgive Me
Thank You
I Love You

These things are incredibly simple and easy to remember, yet they contain massive power when used together in the right way. Something which in itself is also simple and easy.

Translating Ho'o Pono Pono Cleaning Into Daily Living

The full Ho'o Pono Pono process is very powerful, it can also take a fair bit of time, depending on what has been happening in your life. The reason it takes so long is the cumulative nature of experience. You collect ever more baggage in your life as you move along. Every piece of baggage, or life luggage, you collect is more cleansing, clearing and healing to be done later.

So when you wait a long time, or until breaking point like many, then the process will take a while. If you have a lot to clear and heal it is going to take time. So in many ways helping yourself to keep the load lighter would be a good thing right. If you could do something to reduce the burden as you go then you could move more freely and comfortably. Thus making your sessions shorter, and your life more joyful on a moment by moment basis.

The effects of this on your personal development almost go beyond measure.

Ho'oponopono brings you a very different way of dealing with things, and brings far greater fulfillment of life as a result too.

So How Do You Live Ho'o Pono Pono?

Very simply. As things happen you keep the four basic elements in your mind. You have them as a daily practice. Practice them constantly. If not out loud then certainly within your mind. Having that healing through being sorry, asking forgiveness, showing gratitude for being forgiven and saying I love you will aid you in walking freely and joyfully.

This is similar to living mindfully. The difference being that with Mindfulness you are detaching from emotion and letting go of it. With this you are still detaching from the emotion, yet you are doing it by saying you are sorry and asking for forgiveness. You are accepting responsibility for the events in order to release them and learn from them. Whereas with Mindfulness you just let go. Both have power of their own.

If you wish to practice this living method of Ho'o Pono Pono cleaning out loud please do. If you find certain steps challenging for you out loud then adapt. Kamaile Rafaelovich mentioned in an interview that she doesn't tell her Tax Accountant that she loves them, yet she does say sorry, ask forgiveness and express gratitude. Work through these things as you feel able to. Then cleanse fully when you give yourself time to do the full Ho'o Pono Pono practice, combining in this way unlocks and opens up a very amazing way to living life.