Guided Vipassana Meditation mp3

Vipassana meditation is a beautifully relaxing and simple thing to do, this special guided mp3 makes things even easier for you. This is essentially to aid you if you want to learn how to meditate in this way, or if you want to get some variety in your meditative styles, or if you just wish to enjoy something deeply relaxing and easy going for yourself and your greater wellbeing. Guided meditation is wonderful whether you've just started meditating, just want to relax, or whatever.

Evaluation of Vipassana Meditation Course Effects on Subjective Stress, Well-being, Self-kindness and Mindfulness in a Community Sample: Post-course and 6-month Outcomes

"Although some reductions in post-course gains were found at follow-up, particularly in stress, follow-up scores still showed improvements compared to pre-course scores. Mindfulness change scores between pre-course and 6-month follow-up were moderately to highly correlated with outcome variable change scores, consistent with the idea that effects of the Vipassana course on stress and well-being operate, at least partially, through increasing mindfulness."
Szekeres, R. A., and Wertheim, E. H. (2015)
Stress and Health: Journal of the International Society for the Investigation of Stress (Stress Health, 31: 373–381.)

Guided Vipassana Meditation mp3 by Stephen Frost from SurgingLife

Whilst Vipassana and Mindfulness are generally treated as different techniques they hold much in common. That is they generate a much greater level of self awareness and ability to understand what is going on within and thus around, hence the increase in mindfulness mentioned in the study. Both techniques are incredibly good for stress release, self development and enhancement of joyful living, and past a certain early on point become very similar in terms of thought processes as well as results.

What Is Special About This Guided Vipassana Meditation

This guided meditation has been specially recorded by founder Stephen Frost to help you get in tune with the Vipassana energy in a smooth way that has you relaxing with ease. Everything has been brought together in a way to truly support your ability to connect with yourself in a joyful and calming way, all the way down to the cellular level. Listening to the sample will give you a good indication of how you will engage with the full version.

As well as the vocal guidance which has been carefully recorded and developed to help you become calm and at ease, the music that has been layered in with it has been carefully matched to have the same effect. Over the 34 minutes and 28 seconds of this guided meditation you are carried on a smooth progression that draws you deeper into the experience of Vipassana. Beginning with relaxing your muscles and easing your body into a calm condition. Easing you into a deeper and deeper rapport between your mind and body with each passing moment.

For those who wish for even greater support with this the option is given for having the mp3 with Theta waves within, which ever option you choose each track is just $20.00.

Theta Wave Option For Greater Ease

As an option for those who wish it this piece is available with Theta brainwave entrainment. Theta waves are produced when your mind goes into a state of deep relaxation, within which a high level of stress relief can also occur. Through the use of the option with Isochronic tones and Monaural beats layered within it is possible for you, especially if you are new to this, to achieve a deeper and even more calming and restorative effect.

Guided Vipassana Meditation mp3 from SurgingLife
The Guided Vipassana Meditation mp3 with optional Theta Wave Music from SurgingLife
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How The Vipassana Meditation Mp3 Can Help You

The connection that you develop between you mind and body from Vipassana brings beautiful benefits to your life. Being guided through what to do helps you get the best of the experience, especially if you have never practised it before. This is a meditative experience that carries you through from your waking state through into the depths of calm and peacefulness, where you are open to clear communication with your body and mind.

If you are having issues with stress, healing, or feel a separation has developed between you and your mind, this is a wonderful practice to get into. Something which is made easier by being able to use this specially developed guided meditation track.

The Best Way To Use This Guided Vipassana mp3

You will get the most from this when you are in a quiet space, free of distraction, and able to just release yourself completely to it. Whether you choose to lie down or follow in a seated position is up to you, though the recommendation is to lie down and put yourself at total comfort, and then just flow with it. You can use either earphones, headphones or speakers, that is totally up to you, having good quality sound reproduction will aid you ingoing deeper though.

Regular use is also good. Daily is wonderful and you will notice amazing differences within yourself when you meditate that way. Though if you wish to use it just once a week at special time, in support of other meditative activities then that is also good. Whenever you use it just allow yourself to flow, and become calm and free. Then you will get the best from the guided Vipassana meditation mp3.