Mindset - The Psychology Of Success And Freedom

Mindset The Psychology Of Success And Freedom

Mindset is the foundation that freedom in its widest possible sense comes from. In short you are the product of your mind. Every thought and belief you have stored inside, or that transitions, even fleetingly, through your mind shapes your experience of life. Your values and beliefs shape your perception of reality and as a result your ability to achieve anything in life. So if you are wishing to achieve financial freedom which is core to being truly free in life then getting your mind right is vital.

Mindset Definition - What It Is And How It Is Important

The mindset definition varies across different sources according to Dictionary it is “1. an attitude, disposition, or mood.” or “2. an intention or inclination.” whilst on Merriam Webster they state “1. a mental attitude or inclination” or “2. a fixed state of mind”. Whilst concise neither of these actually yield the true meaning and real definition of what it is. So what is the true meaning?

A More Accurate Definition Of Mindset

A mindset is the sum of the way you think. It is how your values and beliefs shape your thoughts and lead you to be the way you are.

How This Is Important

The way you think and feel, the way your thoughts lead you to act and behave causes the results you experience in the world. If you have thoughts which are negative or limited then you will experience challenges and likely find success and freedom almost impossible to achieve. This is the realm of the Fixed Mindset and something well worth changing if you wish to truly enjoy life and get the best of it.

Once you are in a positive frame, rising to challenges and genuinely being happy to receive feedback due to the opportunity it brings you for growth then you come to a point where you can achieve a great deal and things can happen with greater ease for you. This is the realm of the Growth Mindset or Positive Mindset.

Freedom Comes As A Product Of Your Mindset

Your Mindset Is What Controls Your Perceptions And What You Notice In The World So Make It Beautiful

For anyone wishing to achieve freedom in the truest sense changing the way you mind works, the way you think and process information, is the basic foundation. Unless your mind is in the right place and your thought processes both the conscious and unconscious are properly aligned then achieving financial freedom will be impossible. You may well get close, and you may continually get close, though the final steps will allude you and advancing to the goals you have set and dreamed of will be beset with frustration.

There are a wealth of sources which describe things like the millionaire mindset, wealth mindset, warrior mindset and a vast amount more, yet unless you fully understand the steps to creating them which are often left out as few people truly understand they exist then you will only have partial success.

Creating a mindset for success and freedom can be incredibly simple and one of the initial steps is taking yourself through the process of developing what has become known as a growth mindset. That is just an element of what is worth doing. A further element is getting rid of the unconscious stuff that limits you and holds you back, that is where things like coaching along with meditation and also techniques including Ho'oponopono comes in. The sooner you commit to these steps the sooner you will find yourself becoming able to achieve true freedom and if you are truly committed then the SurgingLife Prosperity Abundance and Freedom development program led by founder Stephen Frost can help propel you along your path in a wonderful way.

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