15 Minute Meditation Videos Quick Relaxation

15 minute meditation videos are for when you only have a 15 minutes to relax and feel restored. So if that is how long you wish to meditate and relax for then this is the section for you. The videos here come from different aspects of nature, all recorded to bring you a very pleasant mood of peace. One where you can let go the worries of the day, and achieve the stress relief you need. Or simply refresh you mind before you go on to your next task. Or gain further insight with for achieving some quality life change.

What Meditation Video Experience Do You Desire


All these videos have been carefully recorded to bring you a serene experience. Layered in with beautiful visuals is music and at times othr sound elements conducive to bringing you a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Suggestions On Meditating To These Videos

A great way to use these videos, especially considering the short time frame, is to allow your mind to flow free with them. As the videos play through just allow you mind to roam with the music and visuals. Drifting into a kind of day-dream like state. The music will soothe and ease your mind, and body too, whilst the visual aspect gives you mind something to contemplate on.

This type of meditating is somewhat akin to having your own meditation space wherever and whenever you need it. It is worth using headphones or quality earbuds when meditating with these videos. By closing off external auditory elements you can go deeper into the meditative experience that awaits you within the video you have chosen to use.

When Are Good Times To Use These

  • During Lunch-Breaks
  • Whilst Taking A Break On A Long Journey
  • On The Train Or Bus While Commuting
  • On A Study Break
  • On A Short Break At Work

These are just suggestions, there are many more times that using these will give you great benefit. Just ensure that it is ok for you to use them if you are using work, school or university computers. If you are using them at work then share with your boss how this short time meditating helps with issues of stress and productivity, you should get a favourable response from that, plus they really do help.

Just Enjoy

The main thing with these 15 minute meditation videos is that you enjoy them. Enjoy the peaceful settings which have been recorded and set to soothing music that helps you to become calm and refreshed. To your health!