Tea Tree Oil For Sunburn

Tea tree oil is incredibly good when used for treating sunburn. There are a number of therapeutic properties which really help it to be a good oil for this as it helps to treat treat the issues from a number of directions. One of the big things that makes it so beneficial is the way it works as a tissue regenerator, aiding to rebuild and renew the tissue damaged by by excessive exposure to the sun. It does more than this as it also helps with pain relief from the stinging burning sensation. Though the action of Tea Tree oil in regenerating damaged tissue is what makes it truly excellent.

How Tea Tree Essential Oil Helps Treat Sunburn

As mentioned above one of the most beneficial therapeutic properties of this essential oil when it comes to this condition is the way it operates as a tissue regenerator. It actively helps to rebuild damaged tissue, which when you have had excessive exposure to the sun is core to the issue. This supports faster recovery due to the fact that from your surface tissues down a revitalisation is occurring. Rather than just waiting for the outer layers to be shed and fresh layers to come through. Tissue regeneration is a massive benefit to you.

In addition to this it also works as an analgesic, helping with natural pain relief from the burning and stinging sensation that accompanies sunburn. The irritation and burning often lead to scratching, sleeplessness and a variety of other things. So attaining a degree of pain relief, especially in a natural way, is something which further helps you. As you feel more at ease and calmer your stress levels come down, and your healing rate rises up as a result. The more comfortable you feel the more speedy and effective your healing can be.

Further to these things Tea Tree essential oil also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Which further helps you by easing discomfort and improving healing in the areas it is applied. Sunburn induces a large amount of inflammation, a response by the body to the damaged tissue and requirement for healing. The anti-inflammatory action soothes things and works in conjunction with the tissue regenerative and analgesic effects to enhance your healing response.

How To Treat Sunburn With Tea Tree Oil

The main way Tea Tree oil is used to treat sunburn is via topical application. Inhalation via aroma diffuser will help the greatest response comes from topical application to the affected area though.

Topical Treatment Via Massage

This is one of the best ways you can use Tea Tree oil for treating sunburn. The amount you mix depends on the size of the area to be treated.

Arms only 4 drops

Arms and face 5 drops

Legs only 5 drops

Torso (Front or Back) 4 drops

Torso (Front and Back) 6 drops

Full body 12 drops

It may seem strange that the number of drops decreases to a certain extent as the area being treated increases, you are still absorbing a large amount of Tea Tree essential oil into your body though. The effect will still be good, and using too much of any essential oil can bring unpleasant reactions.

Mix the amount you need for the area in question with a good carrier oil. Then apply very gently with your hands. This is too treat already inflamed tissue, your skin, and the massage is only to stimulate healing in the area, so being gentle is a good thing here.

Direct Application

This can be done with Tea Tree relatively easily, though it is wise to use a good quality oil if you are going to do this. Also be careful if you are going to use this approach, Tea Tree essential oil can sting at the best of times, putting it onto skin that has sunburn can cause a very intense stinging sensation. So refrain from this application if you feel that would be too unpleasant for you.

Direct application should only be used on smaller areas, and in small amounts, use caution when using this method.

Aroma Bath

You can use the oil for a bath which will help to relax and ease tension caused by the sunburn. To do this mix 5 drops with a small amount of carrier oil first, this is to aid with dispersion. As with direct application, if all the Tea Tree pools together it can cause an intense stinging sensation on the skin that first comes into contact with it.

To use this method fill your bath with lukewarm to warm water, this will help to ease the sensation in your skin, if you wish to use cool water feel free. When using cooler water be careful how cool it is and how long you stay in it, too long and you risk lowering your core temperature which could be unpleasant. Lukewarm to warm water will help you to relax while the oil works on your skin and your body. Ensure you stir the bath well after pouring in the oil in order to make sure it is well dispersed.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

Whilst applying to the skin directly or in combination with a carrier oil is the best thing to do, inhalation will still provide benefit. When you are using it in an aroma diffuser you will be breathing it in and it will get into your bloodstream, from there it will be transported around your body aiding you in the various places that it can.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Sunburn With Tea Tree Oil

The best approach when using pure 100% Tea Tree for dealing with sunburn is to take an aroma bath backed up by a very gentle massage. It gets the oil in contact with the skin where it can do the most good, it also helps to relax you which further helps your recovery and healing. Contact with the skin brings the tissue regenerator effect into play in exactly the right place. If you wish to back this up with use via an aroma diffuser then that is also going to aid in your healing. This oil may well sting when it comes into contact with your skin first, however the healing it will aid you with is good.

Or Try This Highly Effective Oil Blend

For the truly best results when treating sunburn, as with all Tea Tree oil uses, make sure you are using a good quality supply. By using a good quality oil you will get better results, it really does make a difference, and you can access a good quality supply of essential oils with ease. More from the essential oils guide.