Tea Tree Oil For Athlete's Foot

Athlete's Foot can be treat relatively easily with Tea Tree oil. Untreated it can be a very unpleasant condition, causing the skin near the base of the toes and between the toes to open up. Something which can be incredibly sore at the least. It is a fungal condition which spreads when untreated. Though treating it can be relatively easy. Melaleuca can be applied in a few ways that help you to overcome the issue, enabling you to heal and have healthy comfortable feet again.

How Does Melaleuca Help Treat Athlete's Foot

One of the primary therapeutic actions that Melaleuca has here is its antifungal action. The oil gets into the areas of skin where the fungus has become established, and works to eliminate the fungus and its spores. Once this has been accomplished your skin, and your feet, can return to good health.

Also of benefit here is the tissue regenerator property that Ti Tree has. It actively helps to rebuild and regenerate the skin that was affected by the Athlete's foot fungus. So as well as working to eliminate the fungus itself, it helps to repair the area that was affected faster too.

An additional benefit is that Ti Tree has an analgesic effect. This helps you from the time you first start treating the affected area. When the oil is applied it helps to relieve the discomfort there. It helps to reduce the sensation of discomfort through this analgesic effect. So it treats the fungus, reduces the discomfort caused by it, and also helps to speed up the healing process.

How To Apply Tea Tree Oil To Treat Athlete's Foot

These are topical uses due to the nature of the condition. An Aroma diffuser will be pleasant to use, though the best results will come from the oil being absorbed by the skin in the affected areas through topical application.

As A Wash

Part fill a foot bath or shallow tub with warm water that is comfortable to put your feet in. To the water add 3 drops of Tea Tree oil and stir to disperse, the oil is non-soluble in water it will however disperse into smaller droplets on the surface which is what you want.

The oil can sting the skin when you put your feet in, especially if poorly dispersed. It will certainly sting any areas of open skin, especially those caused by the athlete's foot fungus. The stinging will pass though, the analgesic action will help this.

Keep your feet in the foot bath for about 10 to 15 minutes, moving them around so that the water, and more importantly the Melaleuca can flow around and over the skin, particularly the affected areas. Then dry your feet thoroughly with a clean dry towel, and allow your feet to air for a while. If you are putting on socks, wait until your feet are completely dry, and put on fresh clean dry socks.

Direct Application

It is ok to use Melaleuca essential oil directly, just do it in moderation. You can either massage 1 or 2 drops into your feet using your fingers, something which helps you to get the oil into the affected areas very efficiently. Or you can use a cotton bud or swab to apply it to the affected areas. If you are using your fingers to massage it in then ensure you clean them thoroughly afterwards, doing so helps to stem any spread of the condition.

As A Compress

You can also use it somewhat like a compress. By using a small piece of cotton or linen that you place between your toes in the affected area. Put a drop on each piece of material that you are going to use like a compress, then place the area where you applied the oil nearest the skin in the area affected. The compress and the Tea Tree oil should be pressed against the area where the Athlete's foot is located, then it can work on the area and be absorbed into the skin where most needed. Replace the compresses every 24 hours as a minimum.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Athlete's Foot With Tea Tree Oil

Ideally use a combination of the above methods. Perhaps have a foot bath after work in the evening, and the massage Melaleuca essential oil into your feet in the morning just before you get dressed. Ensure you use a good quality source of it too, the best results in terms of all Tea Tree oil uses come from using a high quality source of it. More from the essential oils guide.