Rosemary Essential Oil For Concentration

Rosemary essential oil can be used to great effect when used to improve concentration. As an oil its main uses all focus on neurological functions, it helps the brain in many ways. Enhancing your focus and boosting your ability to concentrate are in some ways the tip of the iceberg, there is a wider set of ways it helps you mind beyond them. This makes Rosemary oil beneficial at work and while studying for sure, though it can be applied any time you wish to improve your concentration. It makes a good aid for meditation when you are learning how to meditate too.

How Rosemary Essential Oil Helps Improve Concentration

One of the main ways it helps and acts to improve your ability to focus is as a stimulant. This effect has your energy levels picking up and your mind becoming sharper with your increased energy levels. As the blood flows through your brain, taking more oxygen with it too, your neurological functions pick up and improve.

Whilst this boost to energy levels is good if left unchecked it could spiral off in other directions, especially if you had a nervous disposition. Though there is another property of Rosemary that comes into action here to help you remain in a good frame of mind.

Rosemary also has a nervine action, which calms and soothes the nerves. So even as your energy levels boost up, they can be channeled into the right mental space you wish, keeping you in a positive frame of mind and giving you the energy you need to focus better and concentrate better where you wish to.

How To Improve Concentration With Rosemary Oil

The key uses here are via topical application and aroma inhalation. Though there is also benefit from ingestion, for this you require a high quality oil which is safe to use in this way.

Topical Treatment Via Massage

When using in this way only a small amount is required, just 2 or 3 drops mixed with a good carrier oil. This mixture can then be massaged into the temples, scalp, neck and if you wish forehead too. The action of massaging helps to stimulate blood flow around the head in itself. When you add Rosemary in its effects become greater.

As you massage the oil into your head you stimulate the blood flow while the Rosemary is being absorbed. The oil gets picked up by the blood and the increased blood flow carries the essential oil deeper into the brain. So you have a greater flow of oxygen in you head and the Rosemary essential oil too, which gives you two things that help you to improve concentration.

Direct Application

This should only be done with a high quality oil. For this take 1 drop for both temples, 1 drop for the sides of your head, and a final drop for your neck. Place each drop on the tips of your fingers, then rub the tips of the finger of both hands together to allow even application. Massaging first the temples, then the sides of your head, above and behind the ears mainly. Then finally massaging it into your neck. Again the massage will boost blood flow, and the pure oil will absorb in easily and provide a good boost to your neural functioning.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

This provides a sustained effect to your mind. Use a maximum of 3 drops in an aroma diffuser for this. This is an ideal thing to do when you are studying or working and wish to improve your concentration over a more sustained period of time. The aroma can fill the air for a good period of time enabling you to work or study through the morning or afternoon with greater ease.

In an office environment, or places that are shared with other people, check with others first that they are ok with you using an aroma diffuser with Rosemary. If they ask you to refrain then use one of the topical methods above.


This should only ever be done with a high quality source of Rosemary essential oil which is specifically stated as being ok to use in this manner. If you have such a source then use 1 or 2 drops maximum. These can be added to food, cool or warm drinks, or taken via capsule.

The oil will be digested and get into your blood flow from within. If you are looking for an instant effect then go for inhalation or topical application, ingestion takes a little longer though does provide good results.

Getting The Best Results When Improving Concentration With Rosemary

Combination use can be highly beneficial to improving your focus and neural activity. Using one of the topical methods to get a spike in concentration when you need it, then backing it up with an aroma diffuser so that it is within the atmosphere you are breathing for a sustained period of time is good.

For the best results in terms of improving concentration, and other Rosemary essential oil uses, ensure you are using a good quality source. The quality of the oil does make a difference in terms of the results you experience, and it is easy to acquire good quality essential oils.