Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh Essential Oil Its Uses And What It Is

Myrrh Essential Oil comes from the Commiphora Myrrha or Myrrh tree, and is native to Western Africa. Myrrh is one of the fabled three gifts given to Jesus in the Christian bible. The uses are much varied, as with many oils, in this case they run from perfume, through incense to medicinal. As an incense it is believed to be healing plus clean and purify space. It was burned by the Egyptians for Ra at noon, and within temples to Isis too. As an oil it has a fungicidal effect which helps in treating various conditions. It is also very good for aiding with healing, especially with "weeping" wounds. It improves healing rates as well as having anti-inflammatory and anti-septic actions. You can discover more on the Myrrh Essential Oil Uses page.


The Commiphora Myrrha tree does well between altitudes of 250 to 1,300 meters, and grows to around 4 meters in height. It is a relative of Boswellia frereana and the Frankincense famly, as it is part of the Burseraceae family, widely known as the Torchwood or incense tree family. It has spiky branches and small dark green, teardrop shaped leaves.

Essential Oil Characteristics

The essential oil is extracted from the resin of the tree via steam distillation, it varies from pale yellow to amber in colour and is clear in nature. The aroma has a base note which is warm though bitter and smokey in character.


The principle constituents of the oil include limonene, dipentene, pinene, eugenol, cinnamaldehyde, cadine, acetic acid, myrrholic acid.

Safety Note For Myrrh Essential Oil

Important: Avoid usage during pregnancy as it can be a uterine stimulant.

Myrrh: medical marvel or myth of the Magi?

"In more recent history, products derived from Commiphora myrrha and various other species of Commiphora are becoming recognized to possess significant antiseptic, anesthetic, and antitumor properties. Traditional practice and evidence-based research have supported that these properties are directly attributable to terpenoids (especially furanosesquiterpenes), the active compounds present in myrrh essential oil."
Nomicos EY.
Holist Nurs Pract. 2007 Nov-Dec;21(6):308-23.

Myrrh Essential Oil Uses

Myrrh essential oil uses cover a fairly broad spectrum, it is incredibly good for improving healing in a number of respects, it is also very beneficial for anyone wishing to deepen a meditative state. When used within meditation the aroma helps to induce a quietening of the mind and its expansion into calm where greater rewards await you. It has been used in temples and spiritual places for thousands of years partly for these reasons, combined with the healing nature it imparts. Through using Myrrh within incense in ceremonies and spiritual services priests and priestesses could impart an improved state of healing to the people within their care due to effects it has within aromatherapy.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Myrrh Essential Oil


Digestive Stimulant
Pulmonary Stimulant

As previously mentioned it has strong healing properties, along with anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties, these caused it to be used by ancient Greek soldiers, it is said that they carried a pouch of the paste with them into battle, then as required when wounded they would apply the paste to aid their healing and recovery. In modern times a similar and effective way to mimic this, albeit in a tidier and cleaner manner, is via the use of Myrrh essential oil in a compress. Or by placing the oil on the inside of a dressing prior to its application. Also of note, it can be used to help heal mouth ulcers and gum disorders, though the bitter taste may require masking depending on your taste.

Conditions That It Helps With

Athlete's Foot
Dental Infections
Digestive System

Female Problems
Fungal Infections
Respiratory Tract
Skin Care
Skin Conditions
Tooth And Gum Conditions
Urino-Genital And Gynecological Problems
Viral Hepatitis
Weeping Eczema
Wounds (Including Chronic)

The antifungal is also beneficial in clearing issues like candida infections, plus it helps to clear up athlete's foot very quickly too. It is also beneficial for a variety of viral conditions due to its antiviral quality.

One of the other big areas in which it is highly beneficial is that of skin care, the rejuvenation of the skin being an aspect of healing for which Myrrh is well suited. The oil is included within numerous skin care products, and brings a level of vitality back to the skin and helps with anti-ageing too. It is also very beneficial for cracked or chapped lips and cracked skin in general. All of which also makes it very beneficial when used within a blend for effective mild to severe sunburn treatment.

Points To Note On Myrrh Essential Oil Uses

The first thing to note is that a uterine stimulant, emmenagogue, it should be avoided during pregnancy. Whilst that very property can be highly beneficial to women at other times during pregnancy its effects can be dangerous.

Beyond that this oil is incredibly beneficial for a wide and diverse range of issues. Whilst it brings great help to those wishing to improve healing, it also bring great aid to those wishing to expand spiritually or achieve deeper relaxation through meditation.

The best results in terms of all Myrrh essential oil uses come from using a high quality source, an oil that has been obtained in a clean manner and is free of impurities. Getting quality oils such as this is relatively easy and you can discover a good source of quality aromatherapy oils here.