Lemon Essential Oil For Warts And Verrucas

Warts and verrucas can be incredibly difficult and persistent, that said Lemon essential oil is one of two oils that can deal with them naturally and effectively. The majority of allopathic treatments involve freezing or acid application, both of which can be less than pleasant and effect areas beyond the small area being treated. Lemon essential oil however can be applied easily to the exact place needed, and can deal with the affected area with relative ease.

The Antiviral Action Of Lemon

Lemon has a very strong antiviral action, though it is totally natural. It is this antiviral action which is most beneficial when treating warts and veruccas. There is only one other essential oil which is able to deal with them, and that is Tea Tree oil. Lemon is effective against a wide range of viruses, though the treatement of these growths is different to the way other viral conditions are treated.

The virus which causes the strange growths remains largely confined the the growths themselves though, so the oils need to be applied as a point application, this enables them to actually deliver their full effect exactly where it is required.

Using Lemon Oil To Deal With Warts And Verrucas Naturally

In order to treat Warts and Verrucas effectively the oil needs to be applied directly to the growths themselves. Ideally the growths only. If the oil spreads to the surrounding skin there will still be an effect, though it will be less dramatic. When the oil spreads to the surrounding skin it causes a range of effects inline with the overall health of that area.

Though when applied to only the growth itself the antiviral action goes directly into where it is needed, plus it draws your bodies attention to healing the undesired growths and to healing the area, returning it to a state of perfect health.

Applying Lemon Essential Oil Effectively

The easiest ways to apply Lemon oil to the growth is via a pipette or a cotton bud. Ideally use a small pipette, that way the oil is transported onto the affected area in the cleanest most effective way possible. Whilst cotton buds are ok they can carry other foreign bodies and particles, thus reducing the effectiveness of what you are desiring the oil to do.

Having applied the oil to the area concerned allow the oil to soak in and remain open to the air for as long as possible, the longer the better. If you are immediately putting on shoes and socks, moving around, or whatever then the effects will be lessened. Putting it on before you go to sleep is a good idea, or while you are relaxing on the sofa or wherever.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Warts And Verrucas

Use a small pipette to apply a single drop of Lemon essential oil to the affected area. Do this either before you go to sleep at night, or when relaxing so that you can allow the oil to soak into the affected area properly. Avoid putting on shoes and socks or moving around while the oil soaks in. Allow it to settle in the area and breathe. Do this ideally twice a day, and use a good quality source of Lemon essential oil for best results when treating Warts and Verrucas.