Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Essential Oil Its Uses And What It Is

Lemon Essential Oil comes from the Lemon tree, or Citrus Limon. The fruit is widely known and used throughout the world for many things, from cleaning products to sweets and desserts. The properties of the essential oil are diverse too. It is often used for cleansing purposes, it can be used to clear away warts and verrucas. Whilst it is also used in the treatment of greasy skin and acne. Its anti-septic qualities make it useful for helping cuts and such like to heal also. It is beneficial for the circulation and weight issues amongst other things, you can discover more about Lemon Essential Oil Uses and the benefits of this zesty oil below.


The Citrus Limon tree is believed to be native to Assam in Northeast India, Northern Burma and also China. It has been theorised, based on genetic origin studies, that the Lemon is actually a hybrid of the Sour Orange and Citron. The Citrus Limon tree now grows worldwide, with numerous varieties based on the local climatic conditions. The tree can grow to over 4 meters in height, has bright to dark green leaves, and of course the characteristic yellow fruit.

Essential Oil Characteristics

The essential oil is extracted via pressing the peel of the fruit, it is pale green to greeny-yellow in colour and clear in nature, with a thin or watery viscosity. The aroma has a top note and is fresh, sharp and citrusy in character, if you know the aroma of fresh lemons you will know the smell.


The principle constituents that yield the properties that are sought are a-pinene, limonene, phelendrene, camphene, geranyl, b-pinene, sabinene, myrcene, a-terpinene, linalool, b-bisabolene, trans-a-bergamotene, citral, citronellal, nerol and neral.

Safety Note For Lemon Essential Oil

Can cause skin irritation with some people, so using low dilutions is wise unless you know your skin is ok with it. It is a powerful oil, the only non-dilute usage recommended is with the treatment of warts, corns and verrucas.

Also this oil can cause photosensitivity, so be cautious in using it if you are going to be out in the sunshine.

Cytological aspects on the effects of a nasal spray consisting of standardized extract of citrus lemon and essential oils in allergic rhinopathy.

"The comparison of results obtained before and after the application of nasal spray showed a total reduction of eosinophils granulocytes and mast cells; clinical data were confirmed by improvement of clinical pictures of patients. The lemon-based nasal spray was a good alternative to conventional medicine for the treatment of perennial and seasonal allergic and vasomotor rhinopathy."
Ferrara L, Naviglio D, Armone Caruso A.
ISRN Pharm. 2012;2012:404606. doi: 10.5402/2012/404606. Epub 2012 Dec 9.

Note: Rhinopathy; any disease or malformation of the nose.

Lemon Essential Oil Uses

Lemon Essential Oil uses for many are focused around the antiviral and antibacterial properties that it has, though they are far from the whole story. The calming and uplifting, tonic, effects it has are great for those under stress, providing a source of revitalisation and renewal. Whilst it can be an aid to clearing conditions such as cellulite, especially when used within a massage. Lemon essential oil is also of great benefit to anyone doing detoxification and body cleansing.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Lemon Essential Oil


Immune Stimulant

As mentioned the antiviral and antibacterial properties are well known, they are also very strong. Adding those that it is also good as an antifungal, antiseptic and hemostatic makes it good for treating wounds and cuts in dilution as a wash. The antiviral properties are such that it is incredibly good for treating warts and verrucas, things which are usually incredibly difficult to treat.

Conditions That It Helps With

Arthritis And Rheumatism
Body Cleansing
Cold Sores And Herpes
Cuts And Wounds
Flu And Fevers
Greasy Skin And Hair

Headaches And Migraines
High Blood Pressure
Impaired Memory
Immune System Booster
Infectious Disease
Insect Bites
Liver And Kidney (Cleansing)
Mouth Ulcers
Skin Conditions
Throat Infections
Urinary Tract Infections
Varicose Veins
Warts And Verrucas

Lemon oil has a good effect on acne, greasy skin and greasy hair. Breaking down the grease that is present, whilst also helping to clear the pores as well. The only caution on this point is the photosensitivity that can be induced. It can also have a lightening effect on skin. As an immunity booster it can help across a variety of conditions; colds, throat infections, fevers and more. Aiding in bringing most of these things to a speedy conclusion via countering the bacteria or viruses responsible, whilst also creating a more positive feel within you which helps you to heal more quickly.

Points To Note On Lemon Essential Oil Uses

Some people have skin which is sensitive to Lemon, so caution is advised on that point, it is wise to patch test before usage. If you are able to use it with comfort and ease then it can become a good friend and bring you much benefit with many different things. The uplifting, or tonic, and calming qualities will come through whatever you are doing. Helping you to ease away stress whatever condition you are wishing to treat. Something which is beneficial whenever you are wishing to change your life in any way.

As with all oils a high quality source is worth using, and you will enjoy the best results of all the potential Lemon Essential Oil Uses by using such a source. You can find a good quality source of Lemon essential oil here, and more on essential oils here.