Lavender Essential Oil For Stress

Lavender essential oil brings huge benefits to treating stress, something which has become a big issue with modern life and the increasing pace of it. Stress creeps into life from a diverse range of things, though the main sources are work, relationships, family and money. Lavender helps you attain stress relief in a natural way, something which benefits your health on a number of levels. Whilst having an aromatherapy massage with this oil is excellent for stress conditions, just breathing the aroma in has positive benefit too.

How Lavender Essential Oil Helps Treat Stress

Lavender essential oil is a natural and very potent relaxant, it is also a good sedative. These things help it to aid you in dealing with the effects of stress in a number of different ways. Note please that it helps you deal with the effects of stress rather than the root causes. To deal with the root causes different action is required which is mentioned further on.

When under stress you rarely get the chance to relax in an effective manner. Something which is critical to releasing tension and dealing with stress. When using Lavender your mind and body become able to relax with greater ease. The aroma and the oil naturally aid you to slow down and become calm as you absorb them in. The more you do this, the more easily you will find yourself achieving the stress relief you desire.

How To Treat Stress With Lavender Oil

You can use Lavender oil effectively via both topical application and inhalation using an aroma diffuser.

Topical Treatment Via Massage

One of the best ways to use Lavender essential oil for stress relief is in a massage. Mix 3 or 4 drops with a good carrier oil, coconut for example, then massage into the shoulders, neck and ideally back. If you can get someone to do this for you so much the better, it will have a deeper more relaxing effect.

That said you can easily massage it into your own shoulders and neck with ease. When using in self massage it is worthwhile massaging it into your temples, scalp and also the soles of your feet. By massaging it into your shoulders and neck you will help yourself to release muscular tension which builds there, aiding yourself in relaxing and feeling better.

Whilst application to the temples and scalp will aid the oil in being absorbed into the blood flowing around your brain, and thus helping you to relieve mental tension, providing a still deeper layer of relaxation. The soles of the feet are often overlooked, though often carry a great deal of tension. Applying Lavender to them helps the muscles within them to ease, which in turn reduces the tension in the various connected muscles. Thus reducing tension over a larger amount of the body.

Direct Application

Lavender is one of the few essential oils that is ok to use on the skin directly, though only apply 3 to 4 drops in this way for safety reasons.

If you are applying directly in this way then place the drops on the palm of one hand first, next rub your palms together so that the oil is distributed evenly between them. Then massage the essential oil gently into your neck, temples and scalp. Getting it into the blood flowing around your head and into your brain so that you can enjoy a good degree of mental relief and relaxation. Carrying a bottle of Lavender with you in a safe manner will enable you to to this at work or wherever else you feel the need.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

This is one of the best ways to enjoy Lavender when using it fro stress relief. Having an aroma diffuser going in the background while you work, go about normal activities at home, or relax before sleep is very beneficial in a variety of ways.

At Work

By using an aroma diffuser at work you can alter the working environment in a very positive way. Tension becomes reduced within all the people in the aromas effective area, this improves working relationships and general worklife quality. Within a more positive and relaxed atmosphere there is a reduced level of stress in general. Something which supports your greater mental wellbeing.

At Home

By using an aroma diffuser with Lavender oil at home you can spread its relaxing aroma throughout the home. This helps everyone within your home to get the stress relief and relaxation they need. As the aroma spreads through it helps everyone to become calm naturally, something which leads to improved relationships and a more positive atmosphere within the home.

Before Sleep

This will help you to get a better nights sleep and good quality rest, something which is key to dealing with stress and achieving quality stress relief. As you dip into deep sleep and the Delta brainwaves that come with it your body goes into a state where it becomes able to release stress in a very effective way. This is a highly beneficial thing to do.

In Conjunction With Meditation

When you use Lavender essential oil as an aid to meditation you attain a very potent way of dealing with stress. Meditating in itself is incredibly good for stress relief, though when you add the use of Lavender via inhalation or topical application you can magnify the effects of meditating greatly. For this reason it is well worth learning how to meditate and usings resources like the meditation videos available here to help you gain deep stress relief.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Stress With Lavender

To attain the best from Lavender in terms of stress relief then use a combination of the above methods. Learning how to meditate and doing so using this aroma is highly effective and one of the best things your can do. Using an aroma diffuser at work is highly beneficial too, if you are unable to do so then go for direct application of 2 or 3 drops to your neck and head when you need to.

On top of these things use an aroma diffuser at home to enhance your living environment and reduce stress levels in everyone living there, including your pets if you have any. Plus use massage on a regular basis, it helps you enjoy a deeper sense of relaxation too.

Beyond these methods the best thing you can do to deal with stress, and with all other Lavender essential oil uses, is to use a high quality source. The difference you get in terms of results is totally worth it and you can acquire good quality essential oils with ease.