Lavender Essential Oil For Insomnia And Good Sleep

Lavender essential oil can be used to great effect in treating Insomnia. Whilst there are two degrees of insomnia that you can have they both revolve around the same causes and create the same effects. The only thing that is different realistically is how long they last. Lavender oil helps counteract insomnia in a couple of ways, helping you to get the quality sleep you need. Combining with meditation amplifies the effects of Lavender, and its results, when dealing with insomnia.

How Lavender Essential Oil Helps Treat Insomnia And Improve Sleep

For a start its relaxant effect helps to soothe away stresses. It is stress that runs core to insomnia and the sleep deprivation caused by it. By dealing with stress, releasing it and gaining stress relief, it becomes far easier to actually get to sleep.

Though Lavender goes beyond just being a relaxant. As a nervine it helps calm the nerves and dispel tension on an even deeper level. Helping you get further into the root causes of what has brought you the condition and lack of sleep as a result.

On top of this it has a sedative effect, which will help lull you into peaceful sleep. So the condition is worked on by Lavender oil in a variety of ways, helping you to attain the result that you desire, i.e. getting quality sleep, with greater ease.

How To Treat Insomnia And Get Good Sleep With Lavender Oil

You can use Lavender in a number of ways to help you overcome insomnia and get good sleep. Combining it with meditation, especially just before sleep, is a great way to get the great results you desire.

Topical Treatment Via Massage

You can apply Lavender either via self massage, or ideally get someone to massage you. A very simple mix is 3 or 4 drops in a carrier oil, coconut is good. Massage around the face, neck, shoulders, soles of your feet and if you are happy to do so then your scalp too. This will get the Lavender into the major areas that it will help the most.

In the head it will flow into the blood stream around your brain, helping you to release mental tension and achieve stress relief that helps you to achieve good sleep. Whilst over the shoulders and sole of your feet it will help to dispel physical tension which nags and compounds the issue, relaxing the muscles so you feel relaxed in a holistic way.

If you can get someone else to massage you then ask them to do your back too, often a lot of tension gets stored there. So easing it away will be very beneficial to you.

Direct Application

Lavender can be applied directly, it is one of the few oils that are ok to be used in this way. Limit usage in this manner to 3 or 4 drops though, high doses and concentrations can cause unpleasant effects.

If you are applying directly then use 1 drop for each shoulder, with 1 further drop or 2 being spread over your temples, forehead, neck and scalp. Using it in this way will help you to dispel mental and nervous tension in a very effective manner. With the oil being absorbed quickly into the blood around your brain. Easing away tension and helping you get to sleep with greater ease.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

If you are going to use it in this way then it is wise to start the aroma diffuser at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. Again just use 3 or 4 drops, they will last longer than you think. As you breathe the aroma in you will become more and more relaxed, and as a result find sleeping easier.

In Combination With Meditation

This brings truly great results. Just doing a simple meditation will help eliminate tension and bring a good amount of stress relief. When this peaceful practice is combined with the use of Lavender essential oil you will find it a lot easier to become calm and thus achieve a good nights rest. If you have never meditated before then you can learn how to meditate with ease here, and you can use the meditation videos available to help you further.

Getting The Best Results And Sleep When Treating Insomnia With Lavender

To get truly great results combine the various methods given above. Have an aroma diffuser going as you do a peaceful meditation using the meditation videos available to you on this site. Either massage the oil in using a carrier oil prior to meditating, or apply directly after you have meditated just as you are about to go to sleep.

For the best results in terms of dealing with insomnia, and as with all the various Lavender essential oil uses, make sure you use a good quality source. It is easy for you to get good quality essential oils here, and the results are well worth doing so.