Lavender Essential Oil For Burns

Lavender essential oil is exceptionally useful when treating burns. While the majority of incidents of this usage are with thermal burns, benefit can be attained with chemical, electrical and radiation burns too. When dealing with burns of any type beyond the superficial medical assistance should be sought immediately, especially with deeper burns. Lavender will help the healing in the vast majority of cases, though in the case of fourth degree that benefit may be exceedingly slim. In other cases where the effects are shallow it will aid healing in a good way.

How Lavender Essential Oil Helps Treat Burns

One of the major ways in which it helps with these types of injuries is via its anti-inflammatory action. With any type of burn a consequence of the injury is an inflammation of the area affected. This is the bodies natural response to dealing with certain types of tissue damage, it can be incredibly uncomfortable though. The effect of Lavender oil is to reduce the discomfort whilst also improving the healing response.

Alongside this the analgesic and sedative nature of Lavender help to alleviate discomfort further. The pain response is good to highlight that something is wrong in the first place, though having it there constantly becomes unpleasant. Whilst Lavender may come short of removing the pain completely it does lessen it, which helps you by improving your state of mind.

This links in with the oils natural anti-depressant qualities. The naturally uplifting ability of the oil, combined with its ability to reduce discomfort help you to feel more positive about things, your healing in particular. This mental and emotional connection to physical healing is important. When you feel better you heal better too. When the mind is in a depressed and low state healing takes longer and can be less effective. When you feel better about yourself, and have a more positive feel to your life, then you heal better and your healing rate is better too.

This use was initially discovered by French chemist and scholar Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in 1910 when he burned himself in an accident. He plunged his hand into a tub of lavender essential oil in order to cool the injury and prevent further damage. Following this he became amazed with how fast his recovery was and how minimal the scarring was.

This lead to further experiments and the essential oil then being used in many hospitals for its healing properties during World War I.

How To Treat Burns With Lavender Oil

The majority of methods for treating any type of burn is via topical application, usage within an aroma diffuser for inhalation does provide good benefit too though. The methods suggested below are specifically for thermal burns unless otherwise mentioned, they will be beneficial to an extent with chemical, electrical and radiation burns too. With all types of burns especially non-thermal medical assistance should be sought immediately.

As A Wash

This is one of the oldest ways that Lavender has been used to aid in treating and healing burns. Depending on the degree and area affected by the burn in question partially fill a skin or bath with fresh clean cool water. If you are using a skin then add 3 drops of Lavender essential oil, if you are using a bath for a larger area then use 9 drops.

Immerse the affected area in the water and gently wash the injury, moving the water around it in a manner that disperses the oil and helps it to absorb into the burn. The cool water will also help to remove heat from the area concerned, though be careful how long you stay immersed. Too long and you could adversely affect core body temperature, which would affect overall health.

After a short while remove from the water and dry gently with a clean soft towel. Depending on the degree of the burn dressings and additional treatment should be carried out. Remember for anything non-superficial seek medical assistance immediately.

As A Topical Application Via Massage

Depending on the size of area to be treated mix 3 (small areas) to 9 (large areas) drops of Lavender with a gentle carrier oil, and very gently massage into the affected area after it has been cleansed and cooled. Be exceedingly gentle in doing this, use the softest touch possible and effectively just wipe the oil over the affected area. Usage in this manner with burns requires a very tender approach. Allow the oil to absorb into the area as much as possible prior to applying any dressings.

Direct Application

This is only advised for small areas. If used over large areas you will be using a large amount of this essential oil which can cause adverse effects. Lavender is ok to apply directly, though when applying in this manner you should keep to around 3 or 4 drops in order to keep the dosage and concentration low. Again be very gentle when applying directly.

Infusing Into Dressings

Depending on the size of dressings apply between 3 (small areas) and 9 drops (large areas) to the area of the dressing which will be placed against the skin. The oil can then gentle infuse into the skin and impart its healing qualities gently over time.

When used in this way it will also aid through providing its analgesic and sedative qualities over a more sustained period of time. Helping you to have a more comfortable recovery. Remember to change the dressings on a regular basis, as a minimum this should be every 24 hours.

Via An Aroma Diffuser

This is something which can be done to help mental and emotional disposition in the main. That said when breathed in the essential oil will be absorbed into your blood stream, which will then flow through the affected area bringing it benefit too. Though for more direct results in terms of physical healing the topical methods given above should be used.

The mental and emotional aspect of dealing with burns is important to though. Especially in terms of pain relief and improving your outlook on things. When breathing in Lavender you will feel the relaxant and sedative properties aiding you to be in a better state of mind. Something which will help you to heal in a more effective manner, and is well worth doing.

Also Beneficial In Sunburn Treatment

Lavender essential oil has also been shown to be beneficial as part of a sunburn treatment, working in similar ways mentioned above and helping to provide both relief and enhanced healing as with other types of burn. You can find more infomation on its use as part of a specially developed and highly effective blend for mild to severe sunburn treatment here.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Burns With Lavender

The best way to use Lavender to help deal with burns is via a combination of the above methods. Washing the area first is a good way to go. Though in terms of the physical healing the greatest benefits will be gained from using it in a topical massage with a gentle carrier oil, coconut is good, as well as applying a few drops to the inside of any dressing to be used. This can then be backed up with the use of an aroma diffuser to help you relax and foster a more positive feeling as you recover and heal.

The strongest and best effects in terms of treating burns and all other Lavender essential oil uses comes from using a high quality source of the oil. The differences in terms of results and healing are well worth using a good quality oil. You can find a good quality source of Lavender essential oil here.