Frankincense Essential Oil For Anxiety

Anxiety is something that can be eased effectively by using Frankincense essential oil. Whilst many people believe that it is difficult to do, overcoming and dealing with anxiety can be relatively easy. Through the use of Frankincense which has numerous properties that help, including its anti-depressant and sedative qualities, the nervousness that builds into anxiousness can be calmed. This is especially magnified when the oil is used within meditation.

Frankincense Essential Oil A Serene Sedative

The aroma of Frankincense can be readily described as serene. If holds a blissful and immediately calming aroma which has a truly gentle nature to it. It is used in spiritual ceremonies throughout the world for various reasons, one of which is its energetically cleansing nature, though it also helps priests and monks to achieve a deeper level of calm with ease. This is in part due to its natural sedative effect.

The fact that it is natural is incredibly good for you, as many pharmaceuticals brings with them certain dependency issues. When you are working with natural products, especially essential oils, those issues dissipate and your body can attain a naturally balanced way of working with ease.

Its Natural Anti-Depressant Quality Helps Too

Another facet of what makes it a good way to deal with anxiety is the way it acts as an anti-depressant too. Helping you to naturally release and overcome the stresses and tension that led to the feelings of anxiousness in the first place. By dealing with and releasing the negative emotions which form the core of anxiety you give yourself the opportunity to truly get rid of the nervousness which anxiety brings.

As you feel the action of Frankincense through its aroma, or by absorbing it in through your skin, you feel a gentle and serene sense of upliftment. As you feel further and further uplifted it becomes easier and easier to release the core issues and negative emotions that bring the anxiousness.

Energetically Cleansing With Frankincense Oil

As mentioned previously the aroma is used in incense in many spiritual ceremonies worldwide, and within meditation in spiritual places too. Part of the reason for this is the belief that it cleanses energy in the places it is used, and by extension in and around the people in its area of effect, effectively those who are breathing it in.

This belief has held for thousands of years and been passed through various spiritual traditions. Certainly the experience of many is that meditating in a place where Frankincense is being used is of feelings of being cleansed and uplifted, leaving old troubles behind and becoming liberated and clear of mind. All things which help if you have been having issues with nervousness and are wishing to deal with anxiety and release yourself from it.

How To Deal With Anxiety Using Frankincense

There are two ways that it can be used for this and combining them is beneficial.

Topical Application Via Massage

By taking 2 or 3 drops blended with a carrier oil and massaging the mix around your temples, scalp, neck and shoulders you can get the oil into where it will do the most good which is you head and your brain. When it is absorbed through your skin the sedative action will pass into the bloodstream which flows around your head first. Thus the majority of the effect will be received there, with mental and emotional activity calming as a result.

You can further back this up by massaging some into your chest, helping to cleanse your heart, and as such your heart chakra, on an energetic level. Though this is up to you. However a further benefit to massaging your chest is that is will help to ease your respiratory system, calming your breathing which in turn also helps you get to become calm overall more easily.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

By using it in an aroma diffuser you can create an environment of peace and calm. As you breathe the aroma more and more you will become progressively more relaxed, which will aid you in releasing nervous tension, stress and all the other things which can lead to anxiousness.

Combining this with meditation really helps. Through meditating you can calm your mind further, reducing mental activity and aiding ever more to become calm. Using the special meditation videos on this site will help this to be more enjoyable and easier to do.

The Best Way To Deal With Anxiety Using Frankincense

Ensure you are using a god quality source of the oil, as the quality of it makes a world of difference. Then apply the essential oil topically as outlined above and use it as suggested in an aroma diffuser as well. To get the highest quality results combine all this with meditation and you will be able to deal with anxiety faster then you previously believed. Frankincense essential oil is very good for dealing with anxiousness when used as outlined above.