Eucalyptus Essential Oil For Colds

Colds can be made far easier to deal with Eucalyptus essential oil as it is a powerful decongestant. This oil has a knack for helping to clear the nasal passages as well as respiratory system, making breathing far easier and far more comfortable. Eucalyptus can help to stop runny noses and in doing so enable a smooth flow of air to pass into the lungs in a relaxed way, helping you to get past the laboured breathing which often accompanies colds. It does more than this too though.

How The Antiviral And Antibacterial Nature Of Eucalyptus Helps You

Eucalyptus essential oil acts as an antiviral and an antibacterial agent, something which is incredibly useful when treating colds. The reason for this is that colds are caused by bacteria and viruses, the worse the cold the stronger they are. So whilst some medicines help you to just clear your airways, Eucalyptus does a whole lot more.

It actually works on the source of the issue, clearing out the bacteria and viruses that are present in your body that are causing you to have a cold. Something which helps you to clear the cold faster and return to good health and your normal self with greater speed and ease.

Powerful Decongestant Action

Eucalyptus is recognised as probably the most powerful decongestant available. Many pharmaceutical companies distill certain components from its oil, or even just add the oil to their products. Though realistically there is little requirement for changing it in any way. When you are using a good quality source of Eucalyptus oil it is good enough on its own.

How To Best Use Eucalyptus To Treat Your Cold

There are actually a number of approaches you can use that will help you. Using them in combination is best, though any of the individual methods will help you on their own.

Topical Application Via Massage

Adding 3 or 4 drops to some carrier oil and then massaging the oil into your chest and neck will help the oil get into your bloodstream, and from there through your body and respiratory system. Helping to cleanse out any bacteria and viruses responsible for the cold. It will also benefit you from the vapours that will come off your chest. Having been absorbed into your skin you will have the aroma with you for a few hours. During which time you will be able to breathe in some of the vapour that comes off you. Further helping you to clear your airways.

Inhalation Via Handkerchief

It is a good idea to place 2 or 3 drops on a handkerchief that you can keep in your pocket while you have a cold. From time to time, as needed, you can take out the handkerchief, hold it close to your nose and deeply breathe in the aroma. Helping you to clear your airways, and keep the clear on a regular basis. This can also be done using the papermasks available from various pharmacies.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

If you are at work or home then you can use an aroma diffuser. Though if you are at work then check with other people before you use a diffuser, if people are less than happy then use a handkerchief as previously mentioned. Using a diffuser though will keep a steady supply of Eucalyptus oil in the air and thus being breathed into your lungs to help clear away your cold.

The Best Way To Clear Colds With Eucalyptus Oil

The best way to clear your cold is to use all the methods mentioned here. Have a handkerchief for when you are out and about, in the car, bus, train or wherever. Then use an aroma diffuser at home and work. Having an aroma diffuser going while you sleep is especially good. Plus massage Eucalyptus essential oil in to your chest using a carrier oil, ensuring you get the benefits going in deeply. That way you will clear away you cold with the greatest speed.