Clary Sage Essential Oil

Clary Sage Essential Oil Its Uses And What It Is

Clary Sage Essential Oil comes from Salvia Sclarea, a plant with a long medicinal history. With aromatherapy it is used in preference to common Sage (Salvia officinalis), due to the highly toxic levels of thujone in Sage essential oil. Whilst the true origin of the usage of Clary is unknown, all the potential origins hinge around the same theme, clarity and clearness. This oil brings clarity to the mind and is a wonderful relaxant, though there are cautions with its usage worth noting below. You can discover about Clary Essential Oil Uses further down this page.


The Salvia Sclarea plant is native the the Northern Mediterranean region, and is known to grow in North Africa and Central Asia as well. It likes dry slightly acidic soil conditions, and grows to around 1.2 meters in height. The leaves are hairy, and when in bloom the flowers are small, ranging from lilac through white to pink, and are plentiful.

Essential Oil Characteristics

The essential oil is collected via steam distillation from the flowers and leaves. The oil itself is pale yellow in colour and clear in nature. The viscosity varies depending on the composition of plant material in the distillation process, with the flowers alone it is very thin and watery, if the leaves are used it is more viscous. The aroma is a top to middle note which is spicy, herbaceous, sweet and sharp.


The principle constituents that yield its properties are linalool, linalyl acetate, caryophyllene, a-terpineol, geraniol, neryl acetate, sclareol and germacrene D. It also has high levels of anti-oxidants in.

Safety Note For Clary Sage Essential Oil

Due to being an emmenagogue it should never be used during pregnancy. It has been used to good effect during childbirth as a relaxant though, though this should be done with care.
Also drinking alcohol prior to, or post, usage of this oil is cautioned against. It can amplify intoxication and bring very unpleasant dreams and hangovers as a result.

The use of aromatherapy in intrapartum midwifery practice an observational study.

"The authors report the process and results of an evaluation of a midwifery aromatherapy service for mothers in labour: This study of 8058 mothers in childbirth, is the largest research initiative in the use of aromatherapy within a health-care setting. The study involved a wide range of participants, from mothers who experienced a low risk, spontaneous labour and birth, to those whose labour was induced, and those who had vaginal operative delivery and Caesarean section. The study-took place over a period of 8 years, which enabled a more challenging test of the effect of aromatherapy on intrapartum midwifery practice and outcomes...But a key finding of this study suggests that two essential oils, clary sage and chamomile are effective in alleviating pain. The evidence from this study suggests that aromatherapy can be effective in reducing maternal anxiety, fear and/or pain during labour."
Burns E, Blamey C, Ersser SJ, Lloyd AJ, Barnetson L.
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Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses

Clary Sage essential oil uses are useful to both men and women, though many of the uses are applicable in the main to female conditions, especially relating to hormonal conditions and issues concerning the female reproductive system. It is a very potent oil when it comes to regulating the female cycle, bringing menopausal stress into more comfortable spheres and aiding with PMS. A huge note should be taken that Clary Sage is a very powerful emmenagogue, as such its usage during pregnancy should be completely avoided.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Clary Sage Essential Oil


Nerve Tonic

The ability of Clary Sage to impart the qualities of an antidepressant, nervine and a sedative make it incredibly useful when dealing issues of high tension, stress, and a variety of mental and emotional issues. It has an ability to bring these things together in a way that causes the negativity associated with such conditions to just begin to melt away. It is a oil which can be very beneficial to use after a challenging day via aromatherapy or topical usage.

Whilst the emmenagogue function means that this oil should be completely avoided during pregnancy, it means that it can be useful for women who have issues with their menstrual cycle and PMS. When that function is combined with the nervine, sedative and antidepressant qualities mentioned previously it make this a powerful ally to many women in terms of dealing with monthly cycles and making them easier and more comfortable to deal with.

Conditions That It Helps With

Circulatory Problems
Digestive Disorders
Hair Loss
High Cholesterol
Hormonal Imbalance
Hot Flushes

Kidney Disorders
Menstrual Problems
Muscle Pains
Night Sweats
Skin Inflammation

Partly in line with aforementioned properties, especially that of being a sedative, Clary Sage is very useful in dealing with muscle pains. The best effects are noted when applied topically within massage as the oil gets into the blood flow around the area concerned, and the muscle becomes sedated. This essential oil is also good as a cleanser though, and provides good benefit within massage for helping to clear the affected area of toxins that can cause muscle pains, such as lactic acid.

Points To Note On Clary Sage Essential Oil Uses

First and foremost, completely avoid using this essential oil during pregnancy, the emmenagogue action can cause problems.

That said it is of great benefit to many women in helping to regulate hormonal levels associated with menstrual cycles and issues. It is of benefit in helping to deal with PMS, and can make menopause easier to deal with too.

It is of great use in dealing with tension and in aiding with stress relief, for both men and women, and provides welcome relief and relaxation to many people following challenging times and difficult days.

Clary Sage essential oil uses exhibit the best results when a high quality source of the oil is used, something which is true for all essential oils. To discover a good quality and good value source for your oils click on through to this guide.