Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Uses

Cinnamon leaf essential oil is less spicy than its counter-part drawn from the bark. The leaf oil is milder, though can still cause skin irritation in some people, so patch test first before full usage. That said if you are ok with the oil then it has good warming properties which help with Rheumatic issues such as Arthritis, and also help with alleviating conditions including exhaustion and depression. Cinnamon Leaf oil is an emmenagogue though and as such should be avoided during pregnancy.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil



As an oil Cinnamon Leaf brings wonderful warming and stimulant qualities, similar to that of the bark oil yet without the high levels of cinnamaldehyde that are present in the bark. As such the leaf oil is safer to use though it should, as with all essential oils, still be used with caution, as much as anything it can still irritate mucous membranes so patch testing before first usage is advised.

Conditions That It Helps With

Arthritis, Rheumatic Issues And Pain
Body Toning

Glandular Stimulation
Respiratory Infections
Period Pains

As mentioned before the leaf oil has good stimulant and warming qualities, these run through all the applications really. The warming nature and the way it helps circulation in the areas it is applied to help especially with Arthritis and other Rheumatic issues, stimulate glands into better health if they have been dull or irresponsive. Whilst massage can aid with Period pains, the warming analgesic nature helping to treat the discomfort and bring the body back into good feeling.

Points To Note On Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Uses

Patch test before using properly for the first time. This oil can irritate the mucous membranes and so caution should be exercised with it. The levels of cinnamaldehyde are far lower than in the bark oil, it does however have high levels of Eugenol. Also it is an emmenagogue, so avoid during pregnancy.

That said it is a wonderful oil to use and has a wonderful warming and stimulating effect on the body, in some ways gentler than the bark oil it still helps with many of the same conditions, and helps with others too. For the best results use a good quality oil, the best source for high quality Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil Uses can be found here.