Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil Uses

Cinnamon Bark essential oil is a wonderfully spicy oil, it has a great easily identifiable aroma, though unless well diluted, much like Black Pepper oil, it can cause skin irritation. Cinnamon bark when used in doses around 1% for topical treatments, via massage, has some really good effects. One of these, as is noted from the smell is its warming nature, helping to raise circulation and ease away chills. Cinnamon Bark oil is also an emmenagogue, so it can help when periods are irregular or scanty, and due to this property it should never be used during pregnancy.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

Anti-Infectious (Urinary, Intestinal)

Stimulant (Immune, Sexual And Circulatory)
Stomach Protectant (Ulcers)

The warming and stimulant effects of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil are incredibly good. Whilst some sources advise against the usage of this oil due to high levels of cinnamaldehyde, many of those sources also recommend the usage of Cassia, which has similar if not higher levels of the same compound. The thing to remember when using this oil, as with all essential oils really, is to use a good quality source. Plus if you wish to err on the side of caution then use in low doses.

Conditions That Cinnamon Bark Helps With

Arthritis And Rheumatism
Diabetes And Blood Sugar Levels
Cardiovascular Disease
Digestive Problems

Infections (Flu, Tropical, Cough, Cold)
Viruses (Herpes, Etc)

One of the increasingly well reputed effects of Cinnamon Bark essential oil is how it affects blood sugar levels, and as a result conditions like Diabetes. It is incredibly good for regulating and adjust blood sugar levels, and inducing a healthy balance within the blood. If you enjoy the flavour of cinnamon then you have a great way to improve your health levels here. Much as some sources caution against this oil, and many more advise against internal use, if you use a good high quality source as can be found here then internal use is ok in low doses. One way in which I have do this regularly is by adding a single drop to coffee, it tastes great and has been wonderful for my health.

Points To Note On The Uses Of Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil

First and foremost, remember it is an Emmenagogue and should be avoided during pregnancy. Also it can irritate the mucous membranes.

Due to the levels of cinnamaldehyde which are present in this oil it is recommended that you keep doses low, maximum of 1%. So mixing with a good carrier oil for external usage is recommended. Also the use of a high quality source is advised, this is recommended for all oils though is especially advised when using this oil for therapeutic or any other use, and definitely if you are considering it for internal usage.

The single best high quality source for all your Cinnamon Bark Essential Oil uses can be found here, and is the one that I personally use internally. That said, whilst it has been good for me internally everybody has different body chemistry, so be cautious, patch test your skin first to check for an allergy and take it from there. Your health is important.