Cedarwood Essential Oil

Cedarwood Essential Oil Its Uses And What It Is

Cedarwood Essential Oil comes from a variety of Cedarwood species, the best comes from Juniperus Virginiana. It is very useful in connection with issues of pain relief. Applied topically it helps with painful joints including Rheumatic issues such as Arthritis, as well as with muscular aches and pains too. It is beneficial in the treatment of acne and various other skin conditions. You can discover about Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses lower down on this page.


The Juniperus virginiana is a redwood tree native to Eastern North America, from a region that spans from Southeastern Canada down to the Gulf of Mexico and in to the Great Plains. It is a dense and slow growing coniferous tree which is a species of Juniper. When grown in good soil it can grow up to 27 meters in height, the juvenile leaves are needle like and between 5 and 10 centimeters in length, whilst the adult leaves are scale like and only 2 to 4 millimeters in length.

Essential Oil Characteristics

The essential oil is gained via steam distillation from wood chips and saw dust, it is a pale yellow to lightish orange in colour and clear in nature, with a medium viscosity. The aroma has a base note which is fresh, woody, soft and a little sweet in character.


The main constituents which yield the useful properties are a-cedrene, b-cedrene, cidrol, sesquiterpenes, thujopsene and widdrol.

Safety Note For Cedarwood Essential Oil

In high concentrations it can cause skin irritation, so keeping doses low is a good idea.
Also it should be avoided during pregnancy due to its emmenagogue action.

Topical wound-healing effects and phytochemical composition of heartwood essential oils of Juniperus virginiana L., Juniperus occidentalis Hook., and Juniperus ashei J. Buchholz.

"In the present study, essential oils obtained from heartwood samples of Juniperus virginiana L., Juniperus occidentalis Hook. and Juniperus ashei J. Buchholz were evaluated for wound healing and anti-inflammatory activities by using in vivo experimental methods...The essential oil of J. occidentalis showed the highest activity on the in vivo biological activity models. Additionaly, the oil of J. virginiana was found highly effective in the anti-inflammatory activity method. The experimental data demonstrated that essential oil of J. occidentalis displayed significant wound-healing and anti-inflammatory activities."
Tumen I, Suntar I, Eller FJ, Kele H, Akkol EK.

Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

Cedarwood Essential Oil uses are little known by many people, Cedarwood does have some very good applications though. Its combined sedative and anti-inflammatory properties make it helpful when treating rheumatic issues like arthritis, something which its ability to stimulate the circulation helps with further. Acne is also helped by these properties, with the sedative issue calming the skin where it is applied, whilst the anti-inflammatory further acts to ease the condition. It also acts as a good general tonic for the body, so use at the end of the day either topically or via an aroma diffuser provides good benefit. Especially as it eases nervous tension too.

The Therapeutic Effects Of Cedarwood Essential Oil

Circulatory Stimulant


Whatever you are doing the general tonic properties of this oil comes through well. As such providing a pleasant overall boost to your condition whatever you are using it to treat. A further benefit of using this oil topically or in a diffuser is that it helps to repel insects. The combined anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and sedative qualities make it beneficial for treating acne.

Conditions That It Helps With

Arthritis And Rheumatism
Chest Infections
General Tonic

Mucous Problems
Muscular Aches And Pains
Nervous Tension
Oily Skin
Painful Joints
Urinary Infections

Issues around mental and emotional wellness are well treated by Cedarwood essential oil, its effect on calming the nerves and easing away tensions is good. Gently and smothly lulling you into a place where you feel more at peace and ease again. The sedative effect which helps with this also comes through when treating chest infections, something with which its ability to ease issues of excessive mucous also helps. Soothing and easing the respiratory tract whilst also reducing the discharge of mucous, making your lungs feel more at ease and freer.

Points To Note On Cedarwood Essential Oil Uses

Firstly Cedarwood is an emmenagogue and as such should be avoided during pregnancy. Beyond that it is a safe and good oil that will help you with numerous conditions. Its sedative effect is pleasant in cases of irritation and discomfort, when combined with the various other effects it becomes a good oil for treating acne, arthritis, muscular aches and pains. It is also great for issues surrounding the nerves, calming nervous tension and anxiety well.

The ability to get the best results in terms of all Cedarwood Essential Oil uses depends on the quality of the oil you are using. It is always worth using quality sources, the results you achieve are so much greater when you do. You can access a good quality source of essential oils here, and find out more about other essential oils here.