Back Pepper Essential Oil For Muscular Stiffness, Fatigue And Pain

Muscle issues including pain, especially through fatigue and stiffness can be treated relatively well through the use of Black Pepper essential oil, notably through topical application as part of a massage. Marathon runners, dancers and other athletes and people who undergo intense physical activity on a regular basis can all benefit from this oil. The warming and stimulating effect of it aid circulation to the areas in which it is applied. Care should be taken as larger amounts can lead to irritation of the areas it is applied to.

As such adding 1 or 2 drops maximum to a carrier oil, depending on the size of the area to be massaged, should be enough for most people. Any more than this runs the risk of causing irritation, something which will be counteractive to the reason for the massage, and as such affect training schedules and activity levels. Caution should especially be taken when massaging the area around the kidneys, as over usage can lead to over stimulation of the kidneys and thus damage them. Keep dosage levels low.

Massaging Away Muscular Stiffness, Fatigue And Pain

As mentioned add 1 or 2 drops to a carrier oil, creating a 1% solution of Black Pepper essential oil. Apply the oil to the palms of the hands, either your own hands if you are happy to do self-massage or someone else if you have someone willing to help you. Then massage the blended oil into the area of muscle which needs it.

Use a gentle massage action, Black Pepper is a strong stimulant so keeping massage action gentle is a good idea. If you use a strong massage action you can potentially overstimulate an area, which may be less than pleasant. That said everyones body is different, so if you usually enjoy strong deep tissue massage and really want to use this oil in that way then gently work your way up to it. Beginning gently and becoming deeper and strong over time. This will allow you to enjoy the effects more, along with reduced risk of over-stimulation.

Note For Black Pepper Essential Oil

Be very careful especially when massaging the kidney area. Even in a low dose blend it will stimulate the kidneys, massaging the kidneys will stimulate them too. So massaging Black Pepper oil into them will stimulate to an even higher degree. Around the kidneys be very gentle when using this oil. That said you can get wonderful results in terms of muscle recovery from stiffness, along with pain relief and revitalisation from muscle fatigue when using Black Pepper in this way. The best results of course come from using a high quality oil, you can find a great source from which yo can easily get high quality Black Pepper essential oil here. Discover more on essential oils.