Basil Essential Oil For Mental Fatigue

Basil essential oil is very good for easing mental fatigue, one of the things that leads it to being a good antidepressant. The action of the oil via aromatic or topical application causes the dullness of overwork, daily stress and strains to lift away from you. Enabling you to relax effectively, re-energise and feel good again. You can combine this with meditation for incredibly effective results.

Aroma Diffusers For Clearing Mental Fatigue

A couple of drops in an aroma diffuser is a great way to alter the feel of a room or work space. Whilst having this active at home is great, especially after a long busy day, there are good reasons for using in this way at work too. By using Basil in an aroma diffuser at work, especially in office locations, you can make good ground on dealing with stress in the workplace.

Stress at work causes a range of issues besides its obvious effects on the morale of personnel. With elevated levels of stress comes a decrease in effectiveness and a reduction in productivity. Of course if people are too relaxed then that can occur too. Both of these are reasons that Basil is a good essential oil to use in the work place.

Its multifaceted nature incorporating stimulant and tonic, plus antidepressant properties bring a huge benefit to working environments. Leading to a reduction in stress levels, whilst also aiding people to feel more alive and happier, something which leads to a positive increase in numerous workflow elements. Be sure to stick to a maximum of 2 drops at a time when using in aroma diffusers, spacing dosages a minimum of 2 hours apart so as to achieve quality results.

Topical Application And Massage

If you are using this oil for yourself and wish to get the full effects of it then mixing 1 or 2 drops with a carrier oil and massaging it into your neck and shoulders brings great benefit. Around the neck and shoulders are various blood vessels which carry blood up into the head and brain.

When you apply the oil to these locations it is absorbed in through the skin and into the blood, and thus transported smoothly towards the head and brain where it is needed most. The effects can be felt strongly, in a good way, from doing this.

Plus when you apply the oil around your neck and shoulders you are able to inhale the aroma of it easily too. Thus achieving a fuller effect through absorption and inhalation.

Using High Purity Basil Essential Oil

If you are using a very high grade of essential oil, please contact us for recommendations, then you can use Basil directly on your skin without need for a carrier oil. Stick to a maximum of two drops, though realistically when used directly just 1 drop is usually sufficient. Just place a drop in the palm of one hand, rub your palms together gently, then rub the oil into your neck and scalp. This is a great way to feel the full effect of Basil essential oil as an aid to releasing mental fatigue. It is wise to patch test the oil in non-dilute form on your skin before doing this.