Basil Essential Oil For Depression

Depression relief is one of the chief uses of Basil essential oil, and something which can be achieved in a number of ways. As a topical treatment, especially via aromatherapy massage, this oil can help to ease away mental and emotional tension, helping the heart and mind to flow free from the weights that held them down. Aromatic use is also good, for many people just smelling this scent causes a raise in energy levels and inner positivity. Again the mind and heart relax and levels of inner peace and happiness raise up with ease.

Massage And Topical Application

Topical treatment is likely the best way to go of course. Whilst a few drops in an aroma diffuser will help you enjoy the scent around the home or office, actually having Basil oil on your skin has greater effect. Just taking a couple of drops mixed with a small amount of carrier oil like Coconut or Jojoba, then rubbed into the neck, chest and head will enable you to easily absorb the Basil into your bloodstream, and get the fullness of its effects for longer. Whereas when used with an aroma diffuser the Basil becomes very spread throughout the space, which is great if lots of people are to use the essential oil, though for single person usage topical is better.

If you are using good quality Basil essential oil, please contact us for which essential oils are recommended, then you can apply a couple of drops directly to the skin without carrier oil. Making it a lot easier to get the oil directly into the neck and head with greater ease. The oil gets into the blood stream more effectively, and you feel the wonderful antidepressant effects of this oil picking you up in a wonderful way.

Internal Use With Food

A further option when using a sufficiently high grade essential oil is internal use. Whilst dried basil in food is good, and the aroma it gives off will bring benefit, using the oil will do far more for you. If you are going to use it in this way then ensure that you are using a high quality oil that is safe for internal use, there is only one manufacturer I know of that is safe in this way, and they have already been mentioned.

If you are adding to food then wait until after cooking, and the mix in. For this the suggested amount would be a single drop for one meal, and using in this way just once, maybe twice a day depending on how you get on. Enjoying healthy good nutritious food with some Basil essential oil mixed in is a great way to help ease depression away. Eating this way, and in moderation, will do you a lot of good.