Basil Essential Oil For Bronchitis

Basil Essential Oil can be used to good effect in treating bronchitis. There are a variety of properties that make it useful in this way. One of the things that helps is its overall tonic effect on the body, helping to boost you back into good health. Though it also acts as a wonderful antidepressant, bronchitis can cause a lot of negative emotion and cause you to become very down if you have it. So having something that naturally helps you to become uplifted, and back into a positive frame of mind is good. It actually benefits your healing rate positively.

How Basil Essential Oil Helps Treat Bronchitis

One of the big things that Basil essential oil has as a beneficial action, in terms of treat bronchitis, is as an antispasmodic effect. Helping to ease the coughing. Thus enabling your lungs to feel more relaxed and calmer. The constant coughing can be wearing and painful. So having something that eases that can bring welcome relief.

As an expectorant it helps to bring up mucus and other material from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea. Thus helping to clear your airways so that you can breathe more easily, and recover more effectively. In clearing out the mucus that can linger in your airways it helps to remove build-ups of material that can become bacterial breading grounds.

As an antiviral and an antibacterial it helps to counter the viral and bacterial elements which can develop as a result of the build-up of excess mucus in the respiratory tract. In addition to this the acute form of bronchitis which can develop after colds and viruses, often has a large degree of bacteria present, Basil helps to deal with them. Chronic bronchitis tends to follow activities such as long term smoking and working in coal mines, for this medical attention should be sought.

How To Treat Bronchitis With Basil Oil

The two main ways in which Basil essential oil can be used here are via topical application with massage, and inhalation via an aroma diffuser.

Topical Treatment Via Massage

Massaging Basil essential oil blended with a gentle carrier oil into the chest area brings benefit to healing this condition. Mix 3 or 4 drops with a carrier oil, then massage in with the hands. Be gentle when doing this. The gentle massaging action will help to restore good feeling in a number of ways. The uplifting action of Basil will bring feelings of positivity, the greater joy helping you to recover more quickly from the condition.

As well as this the actually act of massaging will aid circulation around your chest. Bringing great blood flow to the area, and as a result greater healing. This increased blood flow also helps by carrying the absorbed essential oil deeper inside your chest and lungs, where it can do the most good. Massaging your chest with Basil will provide a good boost to healing from bronchitis.

Direct Application

As a cautionary point this should only be done with a high quality source of Basil essential oil. The purity is important when applying it directly. Providing you are using a good quality source then apply only 2 to 3 drops to the tips of the fingers on one hand, then press the tips of the fingers of both hands together to get an even application of the oil. Then use the tips of your fingers to gently massage the essential oil gently into your chest.

The oil will absorb relatively quickly into your skin as it is pure and in only a small quantity. Due to the purity you are using you will get a fairly fast pick up in terms of results. This is the quickest way to get results, it should only be done 2 or 3 times a day, with a good length of time applications. Whilst it provides good results, a proper massage with the oil is generally better in these circumstances.

Inhalation Via Aroma Diffuser

To do this place a maximum of 5 drops in your aroma diffuser. This will benefit you in a number of ways. For one you get the various benefits of Basil from inhaling it, meaning that the lungs draw a large amount of the benefit it brings to your body.

Secondly it has a sustained effect. By diffusing it gently over time you get a consistent benefit from the oil. So you get a drawn out steady intake of the antidepressant, expectorant, antispasmodic and other effects, providing a last beneficial boost to your healing.


If you are going to ingest Basil essential oil only use a high quality source that specifically states that it is safe to use in this way. Even then only a maximum of 2 drops per day should be used in this way.

That said it is a great oil to use in this way. The benefits spread through the body well, with other benefits coming through as well.

Getting The Best Results When Treating Bronchitis With Basil

To get really good results with Basil use a combination of the above methods. Using it in a chest massage, and also gently going in an aroma diffuser during the day provides a really good combination. An aroma diffuser is one of the best things you can use when treating respiratory issues, this is very much the case with bronchitis. By using an aroma diffuser you enjoy a sustained effect with the oil going into your lungs. Whilst having a massage helps to ease the tissues around the lungs, and provide a good boost to mental and emotional wellbeing too.

The best results in terms of treating bronchitis, as well as all the other Basil essential oil uses, is to use a high quality source of the oil. The quality makes a huge difference in terms of the results you get. It is worth getting a good quality oil that is safe to ingest too, it is a great way to use Basil. It is also very easy to get good quality Basil essential oil.