Visualization Exercises Simple

Simple visualization exercises to help you get started with building your mental imagery powers. These are ideal for those just venturing into this field of practice, and also those who are new to meditation too. These exercises are designed to be relatively easy, and also enjoyable. By practicing with them on a regular basis you will achieve the best results, ideally daily practice is good as it gives you consistent expansion of your neurological powers.

What Are The Options For Simple Exercises

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What Do These Simple Visualizations Focus On

The object of each exercise is to develop your ability to perceive and then recreate colours, shapes, gradation, and detail. Each exercise here is simple by design, so the level of detail is low, meaning that you have only a few things to remember. Do your best to create what you see accurately in your mind. The idea here is to create a 100% accurate impression of what you have seen in your mind.

Referencing What You Have Visualized

When you are happy that you have done your best and created a faithful image within your mind, as close to 100% as you can, check it against the reference. Go through the subject that was used again. Compare it with the image you built up in your mind. How close was it to the reference? Did you manage to get 100% accuracy?

If you have achieved a fully accurate visualization from the exercise then that is great, move on to another one in your next practice. If you had some details missing, or variation in any way with what the reference was, go through the exercise again, it will be easier the next time and you will achieve a better results.

The Objective Is 100% Accuracy In Your Mind

The number of times you practice each visualization is immaterial, the only thing that matters is being able to achieve a completely, 100% accurate visual reproduction in your mind. By ensuring that you stick to this you will achieve the best results in terms of strengthening your mental powers, improving your mental health, developing your memory and concentration.

Being able to be 100% accurate, creating every detail faithfully within your mind also helps you in achieving any life change you desire. When you are combining this with goal achievement and law of attraction work you get the best results, and will achieve results closer to your desire, by creating the most accurate visual in your mind that is possible.

Achieve Great Things With Your Visualization Exercises

Take it easy on yourself. Practice regularly. Go for 100% accuracy with each visual recreation in your mind. When you achieve 100% accuracy move on to another exercise. Work through these simple visualization exercises in this way and you will achieve the best results, in both the short and the long term.