10 Minute Water Meditation Video Sunlit Pool

This 10 minute water meditation video brings you the beauty of a sunlit pool. Recorded in the late afternoon as a sun was low in the sky, this meditation video brings you the peace and calm of that time. All wrapped up in the glorious shine and warmth of the Sun. You can release all your stress and tension with the gently rippling water as you relax and become calm. A smooth way to achieve wonderful stress relief.

Gently Rippling Water And Warm Rhythms

The meditation music this has been set to has been set with has been carefully matched so that you can enjoy the most soothing experience possible. As the music shifts through peaceful melodies you will find your mind sliding deeper into the state that you desired. Stress relief comes with ease, as your mind becomes free to flow with the water. All of this is in many ways hypnotic, the way it all blends together is sublime as you will see.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Water Meditation Video

Use this video whilst on a break at work (check your boss is happy for you to enjoy using this for stress relief first), at home, in a cafe, or wherever. You can use speakers or earphones, or shut the sound out completely and enjoy the silence and visuals blended together.

For the best results use earphones or headphones so that you can get the full effect that the visuals have when blended with the peaceful music. Focus on the reflected sun in the center of the pool and allow your mind to drift and flow as the gentle music carries you into deep relaxation.

As you hold your focus on the bright warmth of the sunlit water, and allow the smooth melodies to drift through your mind, you will find an ever increasing sense of peace filling you. Everything else just drifts away. If you find thoughts coming into your mind just let them come and go. Pay little attention to them and let them recede, as you would with a mindfulness meditation. Just allow your sole focus to be the beautiful light reflected from the pool, and become calm and at ease with it.

When To Use This Meditation Video

You can happily use this at any time of the day. Just ensure you can remain disturbance free for 10 minutes while you meditate and enjoy the peace it brings you. It is that simple. You can use it morning, afternoon, evening or night time. Any time that you wish to enjoy the peacefulness that comes with it, and achieve an enhanced sense of inner calm and stress relief.

Regular meditating does bring the best results, so if you can use either this video, or one of the other wonderful meditation videos that have been provided for your wellbeing. Through regular meditative practice with this or other 10 minute meditation videos, water or otherwise, you can change your life and enjoy living the calm and joyfil life that you desire.