10 Minute Water Meditation Video Peaceful Stream

This 10 minute water meditation video brings you the peace of a gently flowing stream. This was specially recorded on a peaceful afternoon at a tranquil spot near a shrine. All that calm and relaxed energy now comes to you in this meditation video. Feel the smoothness as the water flows away from you, carrying away any tension or stress that you had. This is a very peaceful way to become calm and achieve quality stress relief when you need it.

Smooth Flowing Water And Soothing Rhythms

Alongside the smooth flowing visual aspect of the stream carefully selected meditation music has been added, aiding you to dive deeper into this experience. The rhythms within the music help you to move your mind into a space where you are able to release any concerns or stresses that you have into the flow, feeling wonderful release as they just flow away. Letting yourself be carried along with the flow of this meditation music will bring you a much elevated sense of inner peace, just go with it and see for yourself.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Water Meditation Video

This video can be used at any time you wish for a break from things. It is ideal for a quick session of stress relief, so doing it on a break at work is a great thing to do, if you are going to use your work PC for it please checkwith your boss to ensure they are happy for you to use it for a quick stress relief session. It is also good when you need a break from study, when you wish to reset after work or become calm before you sleep. There are many times you can use this to aid with life change for your greater health and wellbeing.

Using headphones or earphones is suggested, speakers are good too, though if you have any background noise then headphones and earphones will help to reduce that, thus creating a more immersive experience. The deeper you can get into this water meditation video, the deeper your sense of peace and calm will be.

To get the best results allow your mind to drift with the gentle flow of the stream. Releasing any thoughts, emotions, concerns or stress with the water. Allowing them to pass from you so you can be free, and they can go into a place where they become cleansed and cleared. This can be an incredible way to just let things go, much as you would do within a mindfulness meditation.

When To Use This Meditation Video

Whenever you do it, day or night, ensure you have 10 minutes clear of disturbance. By having time when you are totally clear of other external happenings you can immerse yourself in the best way possible. If you areat work put a note on your desk politely asking people to come back in 10 minutes, if you are at home then ask your family, if they are there, to leave you in peace while you meditate for this short time. Having a time when you are disturbance free is key to enjoying the experience fully.

Also taking time for meditating regularly is good. The more often you can practice the better, with 10 minute sessions at least once a day should be easy, twice would be great though. Whether you wish to use this 10 minute meditation video or one of the other great meditation videos is up to you, you have choice and they have all been specially created to aid you in changing your life so you can live the way you desire. So become calm, get the stress relief you need, and feel your life change as you expand your soul.