10 Minute Water Meditation Video Cascading Heavenly Stream 4k UHD

Special 10 minute meditation video was filmed high in the mountains of Nara Japan at Tenkawa, meaning “Heavenly Stream”, its beauty and calm energy are brought to you in beautiful 4k UHD clarity. As the pristine mountain water this stream is famous for flows down through you can feel your troubles flow away with it. Carrying you back to a point of clarity and peace internally. The bubbling nature of the waterfall aiding you to feel rejuvenated and good within yourself again.

Cleansing Mountain Water And Calming Music

The beautiful flow of this cascading heavenly mountain stream is matched with a soundtrack that draws you into the cleansing and uplifting experience of these waters. The relaxing music that accompanies this meditative video was chosen to blend and flow naturally with the natural sound of the water flowing at the location. This blending of auditory experiences brings you a unity with the flow on a wonderful level. The meditative music itself is an aid to relaxation, with ethereal vocal tones and shifting instrumentals. Whilst the natural sound of the cascading stream brings the flow of nature in all its beauty deep into your soul for a wonderfully restorative experience.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Water Meditation Video

This piece is good for general relaxation and has a truly restorative aspect to it. That restorative quality is what makes it excellent for use at times when you are feeling high levels of fatigue, or have been experiencing high levels of stress. The combination of the serene clarity of the 4k UHD visuals, meditative music and true nature sounds from the location bring you a piece of the peace of nature wherever you are and whenever you are in need of them. The location of the Heavenly Stream, “Tenkawa”, is deep in the mountains of Nara prefecture of Japan, remote and many hours from the nearest cities. That remoteness and sense of peace comes through in the energy of the peace, and is what helps you to reset and restore your soul to calmness and wellness.

The more deeply you are able to immerse in meditation the greater the results are that you will experience. This is especially true with this piece. Using headphones or earphones to transcend any background sounds is a good way to enhance your immersion level. Enabling your mind and soul to flow deeper within the scene and sounds that are here for you to enjoy and move within. If it is calm and quiet, and you can remain disturbance free with being free from disturbing others then feel free to use speakers.

The deepest reaches of relaxation can be entered into by allowing your eyes to relax and defocus slightly. To start place your attention on the center of the frame of the video. Then relax them, allow them to soften and slightly defocus. You will still enjoy the clarity of the piece, yet in a softer way. This is best done once you have expanded the piece out into full screen mode, where the full 4k UHD visuals can be enjoyed most thoroughly.

When To Use This 4k UHD Meditation Video

As the duration is 10 minutes, along with other pieces in this section, it can be easily enjoyed during work and study breaks, while travelling and at home, as long as you are in a safe place to enjoy it at those times. Absorbing yourself in it when you are in a place where you are disturbance free and can be on your own is best, though even while riding the train or bus it can be enjoyed and beneficial.

The greatest results from this 10 minute meditative piece come from regular use and practice. When meditating regularly, ideally daily, meditation yields amazing benefits which strengthen and deepen in a compound manner. When you are feeling fatigued or in need of quality stress relief use this 4k UHD video of the Heavenly Stream of Tenkawa in Nara, or rotate it with the other meditation videos, to help you reset, become calm and restore your mind and soul to wellness. It brings you wonderful opportunity to change your life in a very positive and joyful way.