10 Minute Tree Meditation Video Sakura Breeze

This 10 minute tree meditation video carries the vibrant energy of spring to you with beautiful pink Sakura. Feel the relaxation breeze through you as these wonderful cherry blossoms shift in the gentle wind. Every so often a gentle rain of gorgeous pink petals comes down on the breeze, drawing you into a deeper state of calm and stress relief. Feel yourself being transported to a warm gentle spring day filled with wonderful cherry blossom.

Beautiful Cherry Blossom And Shifting Melodies

Whilst the Sakura within this video is beautiful in itself, it has been matched up with peaceful shifting melodies reminiscent of the area in Japan where this was filmed. The soft meditative music serves to bring you a deeper more calming experience. As you allow your mind to become free, and float like the breeze that carries through the beautiful branches and blossoms, this soothing music will aid you to relax more fully. So that you can get the most from this 10 minute session, and become yourself again.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Tree Meditation Video

When you have things in your mind which are swirling around, or wish to become calm and at peace for whatever reason, this is a great video to enjoy. It is ideally suited to bringing calmness into your life. The gently shifting branches, pink cherry blossoms and intermittent cascades of petals offer you the opportunity to bring the fresh energy of spring into yourself. Helping you to relax, reset and achieve a more joyful and peaceful state.

Immersion is always the key with meditating, so giving yourself the opportunity to immerse in this video, the shifting Sakura and gentle music, is a good thing to do. Using this video with headphones will help you to seal yourself away from background sounds, thus helping to transport you into the beautiful spring day in the video with greater ease. If you nly have speakers that is fine, you will still be able to enjoy this piece.

A suggestion that you can follow to get great results with this piece is to bring your attention to the middle of the frame. Allow your eyes to gently defocus as you relax your facial muscles. Then set your mind adrift with the music and beautiful pink blossoms. As the breeze moves through and brings softly cascading petals with it, your relaxation will shift deeper and deeper. Bringing you some serene stress relief, and the opportunity to open your heart and mind for healing and restoration.

When To Use This Meditation Video

Enjoy this video when you need a short break from things. Be that at work, home, school or university. The shifting sakura and gentle rhythms will help you to reset with ease, and achieve quality stress relief. If you are using this at work, at your desk, then check with your boss first. A mental health break to release stress is a good thing to have, if your boss knows that is what you are going to do they will likely be supportive.

It is also good to use this 10 minute tree meditation video on a regular basis. The soft cherry blossoms help you access the wonderful benefits of meditation in a very comfortable way. If you give yourself the chance to use this or another of the other serene meditation videos more than once a day, perhaps rotating your choices, then you can achieve even greater benefits for your health. Regular use helps you to change your life in subtle yet beautiful ways. Aiding you to become calm and stress free in the things you do, and carry a deeper sense of joy through your life.