10 Minute Tree Meditation Video Lush Woodland

This 10 minute tree meditation video is filled with the lush green of sunlit woodland trees, transporting you into a calm restorative place. The peaceful energy in the place where this was recorded is brought to you through the relaxing visuals within the video. Feel yourself become mellow, and feel good again as you enjoy meditating with these trees in the peaceful surroundings of nature. The softly swaying branches easing you ever deeper as you become calm and relaxed.

Gently Shifting Branches And Resonant Tones

Matched to bring you an even more wondrous experience, the lush trees and leaves in this piece have a gentle soundtrack that enhances their effect on you. The gently resonating tones and shifting melodies helping to transport your mind and soul into a more peaceful and joyful state. Feeling yourself become calm as the meditative music shifts and carries you along. Aiding you to be yourself again during this relaxing 10 minute session.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Tree Meditation Video

This journey into lush woodland is a great piece to use when relaxation and stress relief are what you need. As the sun comes softly through the canopy of the trees, illuminating the leaves and breathing greater life to you through their leaves. You can release any stress or tension you had.

As with many of the videos and tracks here immersion brings better results. If you have any background sounds around you then the use of headphones is a good idea, they help to draw you into a deeper more relaxing experience. If you are in a very quiet environment then speakers are totally fine to use too.

To get the greatest results in terms of this meditative experience place your attention on the middle of the video. Then relax your eyes and allow them to defocus slightly, whilst keeping your attention on the middle of the video. Having done so just allow yourself to flow with the shifting light and branches as the breeze move through them. Feeling the music carry you along further as you clear your mind and allow all thoughts to evapourate and flow free. Just become calm and get the stress relief you desire.

When To Use This Meditation Video

This is wonderful to use on short breaks from work or study, or at other times that you feel the desire to become calm again. By carrying you into nature in the wonderful way that it does it has the ability to help you release thing that slowed you down. Enabling you to return to yourself within a short time, and from there move on through your day in a more peaceful yet effective way.

Taking time on a regular basis to become calm and gain stress relief is a good thing. Using this 10 minute tree meditation video once a day will really help you to achieve a healthier life. The benefits of meditation on health are wonderful, it brings great goodness to you on all levels, emotional, mental and physical. If you can meditate twice a day so much the better. There are various peaceful meditation videos to choose from on this site if you wish for variety, and they will all help you in good ways. So take time to meditate regularly, it is a great way to change your life for the better, bringing you greater calm and joy for everything you do.