10 Minute Sunset Meditation Video Spiritual Gold Kyoto

Serene 10 minute sunset meditation video bringing your the beauty of the fading golden Sun in wonderful 4k UHD from spiritual Kyoto, Japan. This deeply relaxing piece is a wonderful way to unwind, become calm and enjoy quality stress relief after work, or at the close of the day. The background of temple setting where this was filmed adds an additional peaceful energy to the glory of the setting Sun. Enjoy the gently shifting colours as the sky moves through gorgeous golden hues into deep reddish orange as our wonderful Solar orb recedes behind the mountains.

Dusks Golden Sun And Relaxing Music

Alongside the calming colours and visual aspect of the video is set a soundtrack of relaxing music. The rhythms and tones within this specially matched  melody were chosen to aid you in releasing and letting go of stress and any worldly concerns. Helping you to become lighter and freer, so when you use it you can access the kind of relief that will aid you in bringing a deeper ability to enjoy your life. Just let your mind flow and be carried along with the deeply relaxing music and calming visuals.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sunset Meditation Video

This is great to meditate and relax with after any stressful time. After work, if tensions have been high at home, school or college, or any other time that you have been experiencing stress or mental and emotional challenges. There is a core response for many people that links with the setting Sun, a response which brings a natural trigger for release and relaxation. This video in its depth and 4k UHD clarity helps you trigger that response at the times you need it, and with ease.

Immersion is as always one of the keys to achieving the best results with meditation. Closing off from any background sounds is something that helps you to achieve greater immersion. So using headphones or earbuds can be very beneficial as they help you to insulate yourself and flow deeper into the experience. If you are in a quiet place where it is ok to use speakers without causing a disturbance to anyone then feel free to do so. Give yourself the best opportunity to really immerse in this relaxing experience.

One of the other ways to achieve good results with this is to allow your eyes to relax, in turn they aid the rest of your body and mind to relax too. To get the best results maximise the video to full screen view, and have it on the highest quality setting that you can. Then after clicking play focus your attention on the center of the screen. Allow your eyes to relax and defocus slightly. You will still enjoy the wonderful clarity, you will also be giving yourself the opportunity to relax deeper too.

When To Use This 4k Meditation Video

This is ideal for using after work or study. Or after any stressful time. If you feel stress in an ongoing manner then please do use this on a regular basis, it will aid you in consistently releasing the mental and emotional load you have been experiencing. By doing so you will aid yourself in changing your life in a positive way, helping you to close off old patterns and ways of being and open up to new joyful ones.

The best results with meditating come from regular practice. When you practice daily you access the greatest benefits of this simple relaxing activity, benefits which compound and become greater every time you practice. So please do use this 10 minute sunset meditation video, or any of the other meditation videos, to help you become calm and at ease on a daily basis. Doing so will have you discovering how to change your life in exceedingly simple and joyful ways with ease.