10 Minute Sunset Meditation Video - Golden Mountain Sky Nature Sounds 4k

This 10 minute meditation video recorded high up on a mountain of the countryside in Japan brings you the glory of a Septembers golden sunset. The glorious golden colours that naturally shine through within this 4k video are strong testament to the wonder of nature and all it can do. The inspirational view recorded for your pleasure, with high level layers of gentle clouds and soft small little bunches drifting through closer to the ground bring a beautiful calm and peace to the soul.

Golden Setting Sun And The Natural Sound Of Wind

Due to the profound level of peace experienced up on the peak of the peak of the mountain where this was recorded the decision was made to use the natural sound of the wind as accompaniment to the piece. The wind at the time was relatively gentle, and though cool brought a serene level of peace and inspiration to mind. It is that same energy along with the gorgeous 4k UHD visuals which is shared with you as you watch through this piece. Just allow your mind to drift and flow on the breeze as the Sun and the deep gold of the clouds carry you through.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sunset Meditation Video

As with the other videos in the 10 minute meditation series this is great to use when you feel the need to take a break and refresh your energy. The stunning sky and natural sound of the wind bringing you that taste of nature and its wonder which can aid your soul into a smoother flow and greater feeling of ease again.

With all meditative pieces the key is immersion. When you give yourself the opportunity to immerse fully within a meditative exercise you achieve so much more for it. With a piece such as this the use of headphones or earphones will aid you through separation from any backgrounds sounds. If you live in a quiet place, and will be undisturbed whilst meditating and relaxing with this piece then feel free to use speakers.

In addition to these things viewing the piece full screen also helps you to gain greater immersion. Filling your view with this stunning vista from nature will enable you to flow into it and gain the depth of its energy so much more easily. Then just hold your attention on the beautiful solar orb which feeds life giving energy to our wonderful planet on a daily basis, soften your eyes and let your mind drift along.

When To Use This 4k Meditation Video

As mentioned the energy at the time of recording this piece was one of peace, calm and inspiration. So using it at times when you wish to re-inspire yourself is a good thing. Taking in the glory of nature and what it has the ability to show and share with us daily. It is also good when you feel the desire to refresh your energy and sense of wellness in life and with the world. Enjoying scenes like this on a regular basis helps us to regain a sense of goodness with our natural world, and the joy that can flow from it.

Through taking time to meditate regularly you will achieve a great deal more from the time spent doing so. If possible enjoy two 10 minute sessions a day, in the morning and evening is good, though choose times which are easy for yourself if morning and evening are too challenging. Through the repeat practice you will find yourself going deeper faster and achieving greater refreshment and relaxation for it. Use this and the other 10 minute meditation videos to help you if you wish, they are here for your benefit. Other resources that can benefit include the “Homeostasis – Music for Relaxation And Restoration” track specifically developed to balance body and mind.