10 Minute Sunrise Meditation Video Stunning Colours Mt Fuji

This 10 minute sunrise meditation video flows the energy of the rising Sun straight to you, bringing you revitalisation and an opportunity for renewal. The energies that come to you with the shifting colours of dawn, and the Sun as it rises above the soft clouds through the sky, are serene. All filmed from Mt Fuji on an incredibly peaceful morning. Allow the stress relief and relaxation to flood through you with the first rays of the sun, and carry you to a place of joy and bliss.

Gorgeous Solar Colours And Serene Sounds

Feel your energies become calm and smooth, reset and renew as you watch one of the most beautiful scenes of the rising Sun ever, all aided further by gorgeous meditation music. This 10 minute meditation video was recorded at the summit of Mt Fuji, a major power spot in itself, and its wonderful energy is carried to you through this serene video with the music carrying you deeper into your meditative experience. As the warm rhythms and tones shift through you, you can feel you mind and body come to a point of ease as you achieve wonderful stress relief and your energies realign. This is 10 minutes of bliss and serenity all for you.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sunrise Meditation Video

The beautiful nature of the solar energies, the sunlight coming over the clouds below, and washing through you in a cleansing manner make this wonderful for stress relief. Your ability to become calm as you meditate with this piece is elevated by the gorgeous depth of the dawn sky colours. With the rising Sun itself further adding to this. Your ability to de-stress and really relax within 10 minutes is amazing here, experience it and see for yourself.

Though it can be used for creative meditations and for manifestation and law of attraction work with ease too, just channel the solar energies into whatever you have within your mind. The sun and the stunning spectrum of colour will pique your creative inspiration, summoning forth new and fresh ideas. Whilst with manifestation and law of attraction the solar energy raises your energies and augments them, pouring ever more energy into your focus.

As a tip on getting the best with these ideas, and this meditative video in general, use either earbuds or headphones. They mask off background sounds and help you to go into an even deeper meditative state. If you do live in a very quite and peaceful place then do feel free to use speakers. Just tailor the aural experience so you can immerse as deeply as is possible.

To get the most from this piece hold you attention on the center of the frame. Allow your eyes to gently relax, defocusing slightly as they do. Then flow through the experience with the peacefully serene music and beautiful visuals. With your energies rising higher and higher with the Sun in the sky, whilst at the same time becoming calm, cleansed and smooth.

When To Use This Meditation Video

Definitely this is good to use on short breaks. At 10 minutes in length it is easy to use at a great number of different times. Use it whenever you feel the desire to, though it is especially good first thing in the morning when you wake up, and during the day when you wish to invite that beautiful dawn solar energy into yourself, whatever you are using it for.

Enjoy this 10 minute sunrise meditation once a day and feel the ever increasing benefits of meditation flow to you. Better still use it in combination with the various other meditation videos available here and meditate two or more times a day for ever better results. Whether you are using the videos here for stress relief, enhancing creativity, manifesting more effectively or whatever, enjoy their effects regularly. Enjoy the way you become calm, achieve quality stress relief and cleanse your energies as you view them. They bring you a wonderful opportunity to change your life very positively and peacefully.