10 Minute Sunrise Meditation Video - Rising Autumnal Equinox 4k UHD

This special 10 minute meditation is of the sunrise on Autumn Equinox September 23rd 2015. Recorded in glorious 4k UHD the rising colours come through to give you a warm and blissful feel as the sun rises gently from behind the distant clouds. A time of special energy through various spiritual cultures the autumn Equinoxes rising energy is shared here in all the glory possible via video.

Stunning Colours And Beautiful Nature Sounds

Due to the special energy of the day the sounds of nature as they were at the time have been kept with the visuals so as to deepen your experience. As such enabling you to immerse yourself as deeply as possible in the experience of the time. As the bees buzz around in their early morning activity, and the birds begin to rise with the sun, you can enjoy the warm feeling of your own energy rising in a pleasant way too.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sunrise Meditation Video

When you find yourself with 10 minutes clear to meditate, and you wish to raise your energy up then this is a good piece to use. As you immerse yourself within the sights and sounds that unfold before you you can bring both a state of peace and joy into your mind, soul and body.

With immersion being one of the keys to getting the best results from meditation the use of headphones or earphones is recommended. By using them you can be freer from background sounds that would have distracted you. In that there are the blissful sounds of nature within this video being able to immerse in them will aid you more fully in feeling like you are becoming at one with nature again. Of course if you are living in a very quiet place, or somewhere else which is safe, quiet and going to remain disturbance free then feel free to use speakers.

To raise you immersion to a greater level, maximise the video to full screen on the best resolution your device is capable of. Then relax your eyes, softly defocusing them and keeping your attention on the centre of the screen. From that point just let your mind go free and enjoy the shifting colours as they range through golds, reds, oranges and more with the mornings rising sun.

When To Use This Meditation Video

This is a great meditative piece to use to refresh your energy. Taking time with it when your energy feels staid and in need of refreshment and freshness is a great thing to do. In much the same way using it first thing in the morning, bringing in that wonderful rising solar vibration, and lifting yourself beautifully into the coming day is a great thing to do. The energy at the time of recording was particularly beautiful, and the best has been done to carry that feel through this to you.

As always regular meditating is recommended if you wish to get the best results. If possible take time twice a day, even if only a short time, if that is too challenging then once a day is still good and will bring you many of the benefits associated with practising. Using this and the other 10 minute meditation videos will aid you in practising with ease and achieving joyful results. With time and experience you will find the practice helps you achieve the state of homeostasis with ease, a state from which amazing results are very achievable. Whenever you are viewing this may the blessings of peace and joy from autumn equinox 2015 come through to you and brighten your life.