10 Minute Sky Meditation Video Sun Drenched Clouds

This 10 minute sky meditation video cascades with glorious sunshine, blue sky and exquisitely shifting clouds, bringing warmth and clarity to your mind and soul. As you ease yourself into this serene meditative experience, and become ever calmer with each moment, all your stress and tension can just disolve away. Evapourating like the water that formed the whispy clouds. Give yourself 10 minutes clear of distraction to relax, reset and become you again.

Bright Skies And Calming Tones

To give you an even more profoundly relaxing experience, the beautiful visuals within this video have been matched by a soundtrack of soft tones and gentle rhythms. Sounds which alongside these Sun drenched clouds draw you into a deeper more restorative state. As the Sun drifts clear of the initial clouds, floating out into clear sky, your mind aided by the meditative music drifts into clear space too. As you settle and relax into the first few moments you set yourself up for a peaceful and serenely calming experience.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sky Meditation Video

The way in which the sky clears as this meditation video begins matches the effect is has on you and your stress levels. For times when stress and tension are high, this is here to bring you the calm you need in your life. At those times allow yourself to take 10 minutes for a mental health break, for an emotional health break. Give yourself time to restore your spirits, gain stress relief, and become yourself again, it is time well spent.

As with many meditative practices immersion in the experience is key to good results. Using this with headphones will help you to reduce background sounds, and go deeper into an experience which helps you offload and release. If you already have a quite space then speakers are fine to use too.

To take yourself into this on the deepest level bring your attention to the mid point of the frame. Settle your eyes there, and then defocus your eyes slightly whilst maintaining your mental focus. Then allow your mind to drift with the music and clouds, releasing any tension or stress, and floating free from everything. Just become calm and drift on the breeze as you welcome in the healing rays of the Sun.

When To Use This Meditation Video

Being 10 minutes in length this is easy to fit in at times that you need a session of stress relief. When the world has heaped a heavy load on you, when you need release, this is here to aid you in achieving that ability to free your spirit and feel good again. Use it when you need to take a break from things, to let the build up go, releasing the dark clouds that blocked you from the joyful life giving light. Just 10 minutes will have you feeling greater clarity and inner peace, time well spent.

Allowing yourself to meditate and release build ups of tension and stress regularly is incredibly good for you. Giving yourself time once a day to enjoy that kind of release with this 10 minute sky meditation video will help you to change your life, and become happy again. Using this or a combination of the various calming meditation videos on this site twice a day is even better. The more you take time to enjoy these, the greater will be the meditation benefits you enjoy. They are a wonderful step in being able to change your life, become calm and live in a joyful way.