10 Minute Sky Meditation Video Heavens View Mt. Fuji 4k UHD

A very special 10 minute meditation video, filmed high up on top of Mt. Fuji in gorgeous 4k UHD clarity, this relaxing video takes you up into the heavens, high up and far from everyday life. At over 3,700 meters (12,210 feet) the world and all within it takes on very different perspective. You become able to leave old emotions and troubles behind in a way that comes with incredible ease. As you look down on cloud flows, and feel thin wisps of heavenly mist flow past you, you find yourself viewing the world as if from heaven. This video was specially recorded for you, to bring those energies to you and aid you in achieving deep relaxation and spiritual joy.

Above The Clouds On Mt. Fuji With Serene Sounds

As you watch the flow of soft gentle wispy clouds, coming and flowing from different places, basking in the brilliance of the Sun in high altitude clarity, you can allow your mind and soul to be carried deeper through the experience with the smooth serene sounds that drift along with the clouds. The soundtrack brings gentle instrumental movements, merging with the visuals to generate a relaxed and ethereal experience. Just relax, expand to full screen, click play and free yourself to flow with it.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sky Meditation Video

This is a very special ethereal piece which brings you a view that could well be believed to be from heaven. It carries you off on a journey of relaxation and bliss much different from other pieces available here. It has a distinct spiritual aspect to it. Being in places with views like this is naturally brings spiritual experiences. Mt. Fuji is one of the most spiritual places in Japan, and indeed the world, an active stratovolcano which has an immense energy within it which can be greatly felt at the summit where this was taken. This heavenly meditative video can aid you with deepening your practice on a spiritual level, whilst also yielding a depth of relaxation that comes through clarity and detachment from the physical world.

All meditative practice yields the best results when the deepest levels of immersion are reached. Freeing yourself from background sounds and the manner in which they alter your meditative experience. As such using headphones or earphones is recommended, they enable you to go deeper into the piece and free yourself to journey away from your physical surroundings. Your mind can focus with greater depth on the the experience and flow into it in the greatest degree. If your settings are silent and permit their usage then feel free to use speakers. Just give yourself the greatest opportunity to immerse fully.

You can elevate your experience in another way too. This piece was recorded in 4k UHD, as such it brings you the greatest clarity of visual experience, and one which can be enjoyed with great ease on large screens, so expanding it into full screen format will yield you a deeper experience. One which can be made even more relaxing by taking your focal point to the center of the frame and allowing your eyes to gently relax, slightly defocusing as they do so. You still get the full beauty of the recording, and you can flow into a deeper state of relaxation and experience too.

When To Use This 4k UHD Meditation Video

With a duration of 10 minutes this is a piece which is easy to bring into your days activities as you need it. It is here to provide you with a spiritual boost and restorative relaxation as you desire it. Whether you are on a break from work or study, travelling or at home, as long as it is safe to do so please use this very special piece to aid you in getting more of what you want and need in life.

Ideally make meditating with this Heavenly view from Mt. Fuji a daily thing. If you wish for greater variety in your practice then alternate with some of the other great meditation videos available on this site. There are various 4k UHD meditative experiences for you to enjoy, all of which can help you to achieve deep relaxation and change your life in very positive ways through their enjoyment. The more you use experiences like this, the greater the benefits you attain from your meditating, all the stress relief, relaxation, spiritual expansion becomes greater and greater every time you enjoy this simple yet rewarding practice.