10 Minute Sky Meditation Video Heavenly Golden Rays

10 minute sky meditation video bringing you heavenly golden sunshine which is exquisitely reflected of gently shifting clouds. Feel your soul breathe with relief as you slide into stress relief and relaxation. Opening you mind to greater possibilities and allowing your mind to delve within to deeper sensations of peace as you become calm and at ease. This is 10 minutes where you can slide into your natural flow with ease. Enjoy it and allow your soul to relax or call forth the inspiration you desire for creativity and expansion.

Heavenly Skies And Enchanting Rhythms

The exquisite visuals of the heavens sprayed gold by the Sun are blended with an enchanting soundtrack of relaxing music. The dusky sounds and shifting tones that blend in with the visual aspects draw your mind to golden places and thoughts, aiding you to transmute any old feelings through the mental alchemy of meditation, bringing you relaxation, inspiration or aid you with whatever you focus on. From the first few seconds you will feel the relaxing music drawing you into a deep and powerful state which is profoundly relaxed however you channel it from there.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sky Meditation Video

This can be especially potent for Law of Attraction work, as you focus your mind and then flow with the gold solar energy abundant within this relaxing video. The energy flowing within you due to the combined elements brings you into a state of calm and peaceful yet elevated energy. A restoration for your body and soul. Energy which you are free to focus into attraction work, or just swim around your mind and body to increase relaxation and stress relief. It has great energy however you wish to apply it, be that mental alchemy or otherwise.

Giving yourself the opportunity for full immersion within this video will yield the greatest results. If you are somewhere with zero background sounds then use speakers freely. Otherwise the recommendation is to use headphones or earbuds. It is indeed your choice. Being able to focus entirely on the sounds and visuals of this piece will carry you to the deepest level though.

The very best results from this meditative video will come when you allow yourself to defocus your eyes while you absorb yourself in it. This is very simple to do. Take your eyes to the center of the frame, then relax them slightly, notice the screen defocus slightly and your level of relaxation deepen with it. This helps your mind to shift into calmness on the most powerful level. Thus giving you the highest opportunity for attaining the most with the energies present within this meditative video.

When To Use This Meditation Video

This piece is 10 minutes in length, thus it can easily be used within your day at various points, breaks from work or study, or any other time else you wish. It is most potent when you can truly release yourself into it. Using it in the evening or first thing in the morning will bring its energy into you in an amazing way. Use it at those times and discover for yourself exactly how they enhance what it helps you achieve.

The best comes from when you practice with this relaxing video, or one of the others, on a regular basis. You can vary your choice of meditative video, or use a variety of them, the regular usage brings your ability to relax and attain stress relief to a totally different level to normal. From which point you can enjoy the additional life changing aspects possible from them. As you become calm you attain a greater ability to control and influence your life, attracting in more of the positive things you wish for, as the other things are released. So enjoy this relaxing 10 minute sky meditation video regularly and discover how to change your life positively with ease and attain real joy in living.