10 Minute Sky Meditation Video Gently Drifting Clouds

This 10 minute sky meditation video flows with the energy of gently drifting clouds, bringing that seem peaceful state to you. Relax and become calm while you allow your mind to flow free with these soft clouds floating through a serene blue sky. As they drift gently along you will find your tension slipping away with them, carrying you into a blissful state of stress relief. The calm winds lulling you into a mellow place filled with joy.

Soft Drifting Clouds And Serene Music

Alongside the smooth flowing visual aspect of the stream carefully selected meditation music has been added, aiding you to dive deeper into this experience. The rhythms within the music help you to move your mind into a space where you are able to release any concerns or stresses that you have into the flow, feeling wonderful release as they just flow away. Letting yourself be carried along with the flow of this meditation music will bring you a much elevated sense of inner peace, just go with it and see for yourself.

The Best Way To Use This 10 Minute Sky Meditation Video

The flowing nature of these soft fluffy clouds makes this ideal for moments you wish to release your mind, allowing it to fly free like a bird in the sky. Free to release any stress or tension from work, study or whatever. The way it has been specially brought together for you will aid you in attaining stress relief, and creating some subtle life change that helps you to become stress free. It is also very good for when you wish to release the creative elements in your mind, allowing them to soar and bring you fresh thinking and new ideas.

You can happily use speakers or headphones with this, if you have any distractions in terms of sounds around then headphones are recommended. The more you can focus in on this the more joyful the results that you experience will be. Being able to totally immerse in it brings the greatest results.

For the truly greatest results ensure you clear yourself to be totally immersed in this. Allow your eyes to defocus slightly as you watch, then let you mind go. Feel the soft sounds of the gentle music drift through you, and carry you away with the clouds. Flying higher and higher, up through the peaceful sky upon which you are looking.

When To Use This Meditation Video

The duration of this piece makes it ideal for short breaks, times when you wish to have a quick reset, or the times when you wish to open up your creativity even wider for greater achievements. You can easily slot this into your schedule at various points during the day or night.

The serenity that the blue sky and soft clouds bring you make this truly wonderful for releasing stress on a break at work. Ask your boss if they are happy for you to use it in your workspace while you take a break, then feel the wonderful difference it makes to your entire day.

Allowing yourself time to meditate on a regular basis brings wonderful results. The benefits of meditation when it is enjoyed regularly are quite incredible, give yourself the time to use this 10 minute sky meditation once a day and you will see for yourself. Better yet, use it twice a day, or combine your choice of the various calming meditation videos available here, and feel the beautiful life change they bring you. Become calm, enjoy stress relief and put yourself on the track to enjoying an even more wonderful life.