Free 10 Minute Flower Meditation Video Tilting Pink Lotus 4k

10 Minute Flower Meditation Video Tilting Pink Lotus 4k

This free 10 minute meditation video brings you a gorgeous up close view of a stunning pink lotus tilting in the Sun, in glorious 4k UHD quality. Filmed early in the morning during golden hour the colours and energy of this beautiful flower surge through to you as you enjoy the joy of meditating with it from whatever place of comfort you wish.

The sacred lotus has long been revered as a flower of peace and spirituality, its symbolism being that of divine beauty due to the nature of its growth and location as is cited in various spiritual texts and by many scholars. Whatever your spiritual system and alignment, the Lotus is a flower that can aid you in feeling deeper peace and calm within your life. As well as inspiring a higher degree of joyful living just through seeing its stunning beauty.

Fully Blooming Pink Lotus And Summer Nature Sounds

This wonderful flower that was recorded on a stunning Lotus pond in Japan at the height of its bloom is accompanied by the sounds of nature that drift through, and with the faint sounds of singing bowls gently in the background further enhancing the wonderful cleansing and spiritual atmosphere of the flower and time with it.

As the cicadas sing their in many ways hypnotic song, you can allow yourself to drift with it into deep relaxation and reflection as your meditation goes deeper and deeper. The gentle accompaniment of other birds just serves as an aid to you feeling closer to nature and the peace that exists within it. All of which helps you to rebalance your body and mind in a spirit of peace and calm, from which come all the other wonderful benefits of meditation.

The Best Way To Use This Free 10 Minute Flower Meditation Video

The energy that comes through this serene 4k UHD piece is that of peace and inspiration for joyful living. This makes it great for anyone having a challenging time within their life, whatever the stress you are feeling this can aid in stress relief, reduction and release. Enabling you to gently lift yourself to a higher point of joy and happiness within a short period of time, all through just refocusing your mind.

Immersion is the key with meditation, especially when using resources such as this. So using headphones or earphones to dampen out external noise is a good thing to do, just ensure you are in a safe place to do so and equally well ensure it is safe to enter into deep relaxation too. If you are at home and have a room which is very quiet and still then feel free to use speakers. Full focus on the imagery and sound is what will aid you in flowing with the immersion and accessing the greatest potential from this meditation video.

By holding your attention on the central yellow seed cup of the flower and allowing your eyes to gently defocus will help you to flow into a relaxed state. From there you can allow your mind to drift with the Lotus and the wildlife around it. As such it is a wonderful piece for seasoned meditators along with beginners and those learning how to meditate effectively.

When To Use This Meditation Video

One of the best times to enjoy this meditative piece is early in the morning, just after waking up. Being recorded during golden hour post sunrise it is abound with the energies of that time of day. Energies of renewal and freshness, life bursting through to great the new day and grow with it. By meditating with this just after waking up you can help bring those wonderful positive energies into yourself and set yourself up for a more joyful experience of your day. It is of course naturally good for many other times during the day, and especially good for when you need to refresh and become re-inspired.

The more you meditate the more you can positively influence your life. Through meditating you can aid your mind and body into the highly beneficial state of homeostasis, from where much healing and goodness can flow to you. So please feel free to use this or any of the other free SurgingLife 10 minute meditation videos on a daily basis or as frequently as you wish, they will truly aid you in achieving joyful living.