Free 10 Minute Flower Meditation Video Serene Pink Lotus

Serene free 10 minute flower meditation video bringing the wonderful of a gorgeous pink Lotus flower. This wonderful Lotus filmed as the conditions shifted between dry and light rain, with the raindrops beading on the petals, further enhancing the soft relaxing energy of this beautiful flower. Enjoy the relaxation this videos carries, and feel free to open, cleanse and calm your soul alongside all the other benefits meditating brings you as you enjoy it. Whatever your level, from beginner through to seasoned there is something for you within this.

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Peaceful Flowering Lotus And Serene Sounds

The peacefulness that this Lotus gives out is matched with a soundtrack that synergises and helps you to become calm and relaxed with greater ease. The music and sounds that flow through this relaxing video carry you off deeper within. Allowing you to achieve deep relaxation with ease. At the same time this peaceful soundtrack is conducive to helping you open your soul to the universe, inviting in restoration and expansion. Things which aid you to move through your life with an evermore increasing sense of joy and happiness.

The Best Way To Use This Free 10 Minute Flower Meditation Video

This wonderfully relaxing video can be used any time you wish to become calm and achieve a greater degree of peace in your life. It is a beautiful piece to just ease back with, enhancing the calm within your life and creating a pause from everything else. Whether you just sit and come to a point of stillness enjoying the mindfulness of the moment, or take time to cleanse and open your soul to the universe to attain some spiritual expansion is up to you, and both things can be enjoyed wonderfully.

Immersion is as always on of the keys to attaining the best from this and all your other meditative practices. Giving yourself the greatest opportunity to absorb, and be absorbed, into this meditative video will aid you in achieving the greatest results from it. Use headphones or earbuds if there is any kind of background sound that you are unable to quieten in other ways. If you are in a serenely quiet and private space already then speakers will be totally great to use.

To really attain the best results concentrate your eyes on the brilliant yellow center of the Lotus flower. Then allow your eyes to relax and defocus slightly. Hold your vision in that way, enjoying the gently swaying of the Lotus with the occasional breeze, and feeling you relaxation go deeper due to your eyes being at ease and the sweet peacefully shifting visuals.

When To Use This Meditation Video

As this piece is 10 minutes in length it s easy to enjoy at a variety of different times. Whether you are taking a break from work or study, or time to just relax for the pleasure of it, any time is good. If you are wishing to use it to aid in your spiritual growth then first thing in the morning after waking up and before breakfast is good, as is last thing at night before you fall asleep.

Do enjoy this free 10 minute flower meditation video regularly, you will achieve much more from regular meditative practice. You can combine it with other meditation videos from SurgingLife if you desire variety in your practice quite happily, it is the regular meditating that is key. Though if you are using this piece in particular to aid you with something, then do keep using it with that focus. Whatever the desires you have for the time you meditate, enjoy. This is a very special piece, this flowering lotus meditation can aid you in achieving wonderfully positive life change and joy in living.